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Here’s why ‘Tell me a Story’ will melt every vitiligo fighter’s heart

Tell me a story book
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I know many vitiligo fighters, and from my own experience, I can tell you that they like stories about real life experiences. Tell Me a Story is one book by Ravinder Singh which is entirely worth reading like his previous works. In this blog, we will explain why this book is a must-read for those vitiligo fighters who love reading.

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Moving, real-life experiences

Tell Me a Story, is an anthology of real-life stories compiled by Ravinder Singh. It’s a collection of heart melting stories about events and incidents that have unforgettably influenced the lives of the included writers. Selected and edited by him, this book is about those memorable moments that make life more beautiful and worth living.

This is the second time when Ravinder Singh has given new writers and fresh voices a chance to tell their stories. The incidents have been beautifully penned by each writer and efficiently edited by Ravinder.  Each writer explains how certain events changed his/her attitude towards life, him/her even stronger. Each story has a unique crux to it, which makes this book a magnetic read.

Magical moments

Each and every story in this book is funny and heart melting and can also be inspiring for us, vitiligo fighters. These true events of life will move you deeply and will compel you to read more books with similar plots. Short stories packed with some important lessons of life that are worth remembering will not bore you, not even for a second.

Important Life Lessons

It is not just the emotions in the book that make it an excellent read, but it also teaches you some valuable lessons in life. The book perfectly portrays how we all (in this context, we, vitiligo fighters) suffer from our own insecurities but still are judgmental towards others. At times, we are so indulged in vitiligo induced self-pity that we do not understand what our loved ones are going through. Love Stories with strong messages to follow, isn’t it interesting?

If you want to read something which can put a smile on your face, this is the perfect book. Go ahead, and cherish the experiences of people who have relived their beautiful moments in this book. You will enjoy it!

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