Dappled – A Love Letter to Vitiligo 

Dappled book on vitiligo

Lisa Brown, an occupational therapist with vitiligo from Perth, was looking for a book that would explore love, loss, friendship, mental health, disability, and self-acceptance. Living with vitiligo since the age of 14, Lisa wanted to read a book about someone else with the skin condition. She wanted a book that understood the struggles of an individual with vitiligo. Thanks (or not) to the underrepresentation of vitiligo in popular culture, she couldn’t find such a book. Rather than waiting any longer, she decided to write one. 

Being a group therapist and occupational therapist working in mental health and teaching neuropsychiatry and recovery, Lisa had the right toolbox to write a story that spoke to her and others with vitiligo. Her book – Dappled – is also about a young woman, Jane, and her journey with vitiligo. 

Dappled – A Synopsis

Jane, a health professional, wonders why she hears a strange voice in her head and often feels like she’s wading through black quicksand. She has vitiligo, which causes white patches all over her skin. She finds herself covering these spots as much as possible. 

Jane’s mind frequently travels back to her teenage years when she and her deeply troubled mother, Colleen, lived in the coastal tree-lined town of Denmark. In the moments of distress, she often thinks of a goofy, crinkle-beamed boy who always made her feel warm inside. As we read on, Jane slowly comes to realize that confronting her ‘past’ is the only way to save her ‘present’. Soon, she meets someone who finds beauty in her imperfections… someone who sees her, not her patches.

Dappled is a story that acknowledges the value of being comfortable in your own skin. Having said that, the book never forgets how difficult living with vitiligo can be at times. It is a tale about kindness and the healing power of unconditional love. While Dappled caters to a wide readership, it’s a tribute to the global vitiligo community. 

Dappled is now available on Amazon. You can book your copy now

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