Being Patient during Your Vitiligo Treatment 

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First, let’s get this straight! Till now, no effective treatment method is discovered for vitiligo. Having said that, many folks, in some cases, have reported improvement in their vitiligo when they undergo a certain treatment. If that’s your case, it’s best to stick to the chosen treatment with patience.

But, at times, it takes longer than you thought. And, this is where impatience creeps in – something that may eventually force you to quit the treatment prematurity. So, what do you do? The answer is – slow down and practice a little more patience. This way, you would be less stressed and more mindful of the things that stress you out.

Mentioned below are four tips that aren’t specific to any particular vitiligo treatment but can make a lot of difference to the outcome.

1. Keep a journal

It is better to be mindful of your thoughts and write down what makes you impatient. This will help you slow down and focus on each day of the treatment and remove things that stress you out.

Also, the best way to practice patience is to make yourself wait. Start with something as small as waiting a few extra minutes to drink a milkshake and then move on to something bigger.

2. Manage vitiligo-led anxiety

Fear and anxiety associated with vitiligo can be as debilitating as the visual difference in vitiligo. So, pay attention to

  • Anxiety over physical status
  • Anxiety over the impact of vitiligo on your emotional well-being

To ensure that you don’t feel restless all the time, relax and take deep breaths – the easiest way to help ease any impatient feelings you are experiencing. Taking slow deep breaths can help calm the mind and body, which will eventually make you patient.

3. Discuss it with your doctor

We hope your doctor told you how long the treatment would take and what you could expect during and after the treatments. Express your worries if you are not being completely informed about the outcome and chances of re-pigmentation. A good doctor will be willing to give you the information you need.

4. Join a support group

It’s only human to feel vulnerable and powerless in the face of vitiligo. Sharing these feelings with fellow vitiligo fighters can alleviate those emotions. Join a vitiligo support group. Here’s a guide to choosing the right vitiligo support group.

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