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    Ramy Gamal comes out with vitiligo, asks for acceptance

    Ramy Gamal

    Ramy Gamal recently disclosed on social media that he has vitiligo. The Egyptian musician and singer wrote on his social space that he has been living with the skin disorder for a year now and tried to treat it with no luck. Ramy poured his heart to his fans, saying that he has been contemplating […] More

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    Psychodermatology for Vitiligo – All you need to know

    Psychodermatology for Vitiligo

    For anyone who has ever lived with vitiligo, finding treatment can be mentally and emotionally draining. While the skin condition isn’t contagious or life-threatening, many who have it on the face, the chest or the arms may get subjected to social stigma. This is where Psychodermatology for vitiligo comes into play. Psychodermatology uses psychiatric techniques […] More

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    Isaiah Collins and Winnie Harlow shine on Fearless with Ashley Graham

    Isaiah Collins and Winnie Harlow

    Ashley Graham, the creator of Fearless with Ashley Graham recently, sat down with Isaiah Collins, a 24-year-old aspiring actor who developed vitiligo when he was 15. In a heart-wrenching conversation, Isaiah told the host how he struggles with self-confidence, which has affected his drive to pursue his dream of becoming an actor. Ashley surprised Isaiah […] More

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    My Vitiligo Story | From Sneha Raizada’s Diary

    Sneha Raizada

    I must have been 9 years old when I noticed my first white patch. It’s been difficult to deal with vitiligo-led stress since then. I was bullied a lot for my appearance, but with time, I learned to ignore it. Making myself believe that people are ignorant and have no understanding of this skin condition […] More

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    Vitiligo and Copper Deficiency – What’s the connection?

    copper pills

    Many sources can be listed to confirm that certain metal ions including copper are found in high levels in pigmented tissues involved in melanin synthesis. This only illustrates copper’s far-reaching effects in vitiligo’s management. Keeping in mind that copper stimulates the melanocytes into action, increases melanin and re-pigments the skin, researchers across the globe have […] More

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    My Vitiligo Story | From Akankasha Sharma’s Diary

    Akankasha Sharma

    I was 3 years old when I was diagnosed with vitiligo. As a child and teen, it was more difficult to come to terms with it. I experienced a lot of bullying. Sadly, I knew no coping mechanism at that time because as a child I didn’t know why I was getting bullied. I used […] More

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    Vitiligo in News | October 2019

    Vitiligo News - October 2019

    October 2019 had Winnie Harlow in spotlight again. This time, the supermodel was invited to Vogue India’s ‘Women of The Year Awards’. Giving us major Maleficent vibes, Winnie wore a Julian MacDonald sequin dress for the occasion and did her own makeup. This was Winnie’s first time in India who was in Mumbai to receive […] More

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    Winnie Harlow turns into Marilyn Monroe This Halloween

    Winnie Harlow as Marilyn Monroe

    Marilyn Monroe is the classic pop culture icon we can’t ever get enough of. The eternal beauty may no longer be with us, but her beauty and style influence lives on. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and this Holloween, Winnie Harlow seemed to make all efforts to live up the saying. The supermodel recreated […] More

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    Living with vitiligo stresses you out? Try Dog Therapy

    Therapy dog for vitiligo

    We all know how dealing with strange stares and bitter comments on a daily basis requires some coping mechanism at some point. Very much to your surprise, dogs can be of great help here, especially if you live alone. The biggest concern of managing vitiligo or slowing down its progression in early days is stress […] More

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    Do Oxidative Stress and Autoimmunity interchange in Vitiligo?

    what causes vitiligo

    Over the years, different studies have suggested different causes of vitiligo. However, the two most widely accepted hypothesis for the progressive loss of melanocytes are the autoimmune theory and oxidative stress. Recently, scientists have started to study if an interplay between oxidative stress and autoimmunity causes vitiligo in the first place. As far as the […] More

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    4 Essential Skin Care Tips for all Vitiligo Fighters

    vitiligo an sun

    About 1% of the world’s population is living with vitiligo. Although the chronic skin disorder does not typically cause other than purely cosmetic symptoms, it can cause low self-esteem and depression. People with vitiligo are completely healthy, however, the change in appearance can affect them emotionally, especially those who are younger and more concerned about […] More

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