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    Vitiligo in News – March 2021

    It’s finally good to see how biopharmaceutical giants across the world are showing a deep interest in vitiligo. In March 2021, Arcutis Biotherapeutics, a late-stage biopharmaceutical company, announced enrollment of the first patient in a Phase 2a clinical trial to evaluate ARQ-252 as a potential treatment for vitiligo. ARQ-252 is a potent and highly selective […] More

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    Vitiligo and Consumption of Alcohol – do two gel with each other?  

    vitiligo and alcohol

    In our interaction with the community members, we often come across questions like – “I have vitiligo. Will drinking alcohol worsen it?” Some slightly change the question, but often ask the same thing – “I love drinking wine with dinner. Do I have to worry about it at all? Will it affect my vitiligo in […] More

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    Vitiligo in News – February 2021

    February 2021 Vitiligo News

    In February 2021, efficacy data for topical Bimatoprost was published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology. During a preliminary study, researchers assessed clinical outcomes of topical Bimatoprost for nonsegmental facial vitiligo. Researchers tested 0.01% Bimatoprost solution as well as 0.1% Tacrolimus ointment to find out the efficacy and safety in patients with nonsegmental facial vitiligo. […] More

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    The Role of Antioxidants in Treatment of Vitiligo 

    vitiligo sketch book

    Many studies hint that oxidative stress has a definite role to play in the genesis of several skin conditions. So, naturally, it has also been investigated if oxidative stress in the skin triggers vitiligo in the first place. While all studies investigating the connection between oxidative stress and vitiligo have been limited by sample size, […] More

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    Living Dappled launches a new membership network for women with vitiligo

    Dappled Darlings

    After getting diagnosed with vitiligo at the age of seven, Erika spent most of her life spotted and alone, suffering. She largely felt misunderstood whenever she tried to express her feelings. Result? She kept everything to herself and let the emotions bottled up. She assumed she didn’t need anyone else to be happy, and her […] More

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    Vitiligo in News – January 2021

    Vitiligo News January 2021

    Before we dive deep into research conducted during the first month of a new year – January 2021 – let us mention some community stories that made to global media outlets. Roger Monte from Rio De Janeiro (Brazil) and Antonia Livers from Utah (the USA), both were profiled by Daily Mail UK. Antonia, 27, who […] More

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    Vitiligo’s Representation in The White Tiger – Questions That Matter 

    vitiligo in the white tiger

    Priyanka Chopra starrer crime drama, The White Tiger, started streaming on Netflix recently. Interestingly enough, the film featured a character with vitiligo. At first, I was happy to see myself represented in a mainstream Hindi movie like The White Tiger. It’s not that vitiligo hasn’t been represented in Indian motion pictures before. But, Indian films […] More

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    How to Disappear Completely – A Vitiligo Themed Book for Kids 

    How to Disappear Completely

    When we think back to childhood, we remember campfire stories, those innocent bedtime stories, stories that were whispered in years, and stories that were told to us as a family tradition. What we often see missing in these childhood stories is vitiligo’s underrepresentation. Thankfully that is changing as now we have award-winning authors such as […] More

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    Vitiligo in News – December 2020

    Vitiligo News December 2020

    On the research front, December 2020 had limited but significant progress. A prospective, multi‐center, parallel controlled, double‐blind randomized clinical trial was conducted to rule out whether oral α‐lipoic acid (ALA: an antioxidative agent) in combination with NB‐UVB phototherapy has efficacy and safety in the treatment of non‐segmental, stable vitiligo. The clinical analysis had 133 people […] More

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    A Year in Review | What 2020 meant for Vitiligo 

    2020 year review

    The last 12 months brought an unprecedented amount of disruption to our social lives. COVID-19 nearly impacted every aspect of vitiligo awareness, from research on vitiligo moving at a snail pace to worldwide World Vitiligo Day conferences getting canceled. And on top of all that, lockdowns in various parts of the world left many of […] More

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    2020’s Top 8 Newsmakers with Vitiligo

    newsmakers with vitiligo 2020

    As 2020, a turbulent year of “21st-century humanity,” is all set to be phased out and the new year 2021 is gearing up to be ushered in, Unite For Vitiligo takes a look at the newsmakers who emerged as a sheer source of inspiration for the community. Barbie with vitiligo 2020 couldn’t kickstart better than […] More

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