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    World Vitiligo Day 2020 – A Recap

    world vitiligo day 2020

    Since 2011, World Vitiligo Day has been celebrated on June 25th with great enthusiasm and zeal. However, due to the unexpected outbreak of the novel Coronavirus in many parts of the world, the day was commemorated differently this year. WVD conferences across Europe and North America were canceled, disappointing many who were looking forward to […] More

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    All you need to know about World Vitiligo Day 2020

    World Vitiligo Day 2020

    On October 10, 2019, the first World Vitiligo Day 2020 Organizing Committee met at the Conference center of CEU University of Madrid, Spain. By this time, the 10th annual World Vitiligo Day (WVD 2020) was supposed to be celebrated all over the globe with great enthusiasm and zeal. For the celebration of world vitiligo day […] More

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    My Vitiligo Story | From Ira Shchurina’s Diary

    Ira Shchurina

    I was born in Kazakhstan where my journey with vitiligo started. I was diagnosed with a skin disorder at the age of 6. My family, being very afraid at the time, accompanied me to many hospitals where I underwent all kinds of treatments for vitiligo with no results. When I was 7, we moved to […] More

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    Unite For Vitiligo partners with SupportVitiligo for an Awareness Campaign

    Support Vitiligo India

    Since 2011, the world has been celebrating World Vitiligo Day on June 25. With increasing awareness, many parts of the world (particularly North America) have started recognizing June as Vitiligo Awareness Month. Each year Vitiligo Awareness Month is becoming bigger with people with vitiligo, their families, and doctors making an effort to talk about the […] More

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    Vitiligo in News – May 2020

    Vitiligo News May 2020

    With World Vitiligo Day approaching, May 2020 still remained pretty much the same as April 2020. Due to the coronavirus outbreak in most parts of the world, not many research studies on vitiligo were conducted on vitiligo. Amid very few research, one cohort study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association’s (JAMA) […] More

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    Teenage Models with Vitiligo

    Teenage Models with Vitiligo

    Being a teenager is a struggle on its own right. But, when you live with the added pressure of visually standing out in the public, it gets hard to climb the ladder of success. Having said that, we have some talented teens around us who seem to have skipped the obligatory awkward phase of letting […] More

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    Vitiligo in News – April 2020

    Vitiligo News Apri 2020

    Who could imagine the world would look like the one we are living in today! While more and more businesses across the globe are getting closed, the panic among those working for non-essential services is setting in. In addition to this, the paranoia created by the misinformation or too much information is not making it […] More

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    Best Nonfiction Books to read during Self-Quarantine  

    nonfiction book for coronavirus

    The ongoing coronavirus outbreak has put us under the house arrest – something that’s not easy even for best of introverts. While we are isolating with no sign of things changing anytime soon, there’s a level of tedium where the days all blend together. This is where reading a good nonfiction book can help to […] More

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    Vitiligo in News | March 2020

    Vitiligo News March 2020

    Let’s be real! March 2020 surprised us all with something unprecedented – something at least our generation has never witnessed before. Right before the unexpected Coronavirus outbreak and lockdowns across the world, vitiligo was collectively seen by some of us as a mammoth problem. But, post COVID19 pandemic, we can certainly say, vitiligo isn’t something […] More

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    Are People with Vitiligo at higher risk of contracting Coronavirus?

    coronavirus and vitiligo

    We have received a few questions regarding coronavirus, COVID-19. People with vitiligo are simply asking if they are at higher risk of contracting the novel virus, which is responsible for an ongoing pandemic. Vitiligo is an autoimmune skin disorder, which means that someone with vitiligo has an immune system that is somehow malfunctioning. So, it’s […] More

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