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    4 Ways to negate Self-Talk in Vitiligo 

    self talk vitiligo

    If you are still struggling with living with vitiligo, you know your inner critic too well. It is the voice in your head that judges you and belittles you every time someone stares at your patches and ask you ignorant questions. But if you let this voice continue to tell you that you are not […] More

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    2019’s Top 8 Newsmakers with Vitiligo

    vitiligo newsmakers 2019

    On the last day of the year, ‘Unite For Vitiligo’ takes a look at those who made big news in 2019, for representing vitiligo in the positive light and paving the way for a more inclusive world. From strengthening the representation of vitiligo in popular culture to achieving massive social media following, these newsmakers raised […] More

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    7 Moments from 2019 that made all Vitiligo Fighters feel included 

    2019 vitiligo moments

    It’s that time of the year again when you look back, sometimes with wonder, sometimes with nostalgia and sometimes just shaking your head sheepishly at the mistakes committed and the regrets therein. But, for all vitiligo fighters, it’s also a time of the year when we look back at the moments that represented vitiligo in […] More

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    The Decade in Review | What the 2010s meant for Vitiligo 

    vitiligo in 2010s

    When you think about the things that didn’t exist until the 2010s, you’ll have a disorienting realization that vitiligo virtually had no representation in fashion, popular culture, media, and social media till 2009. Sure, Michael Jackson had vitiligo, but he never publicly spoke about it or did anything to dispel common myths associated with vitiligo. […] More

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    Vitiligo in News | December 2019

    Vitiligo News December 2019

    The 2010s couldn’t end better than this for vitiligo’s representation. Lujain Salah, an Egyptian social media influencer with vitiligo, has finally made it as a correspondent on the Abu Dhabi TV channel. “You are part of and the main reason for my support and success because you believed in and encouraged me,” Lujain thanked her […] More

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    Five Best Historical Fictions

    Best Historical Fiction Books

    Revisiting history with the help of a story is fascinating. A fusion of history and fiction has always been popular among authors and readers. But, justifying the pragmatism of the era and maintaining historical accuracy is something very few writers excel at. Given here are five historical fictions, which tick all parameters and make a […] More

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    Vitiligo Awareness Advocates You Should Know – Brazil

    Brazilian vitiligo awareness

    In the past few years, skin inclusivity activism in Brazil has experienced a substantial tactical shift. Many vitiligo awareness advocates have gained access to public forums and the world of modeling.  Breaking away from the ideal notion of beauty, they are redefining what it means to be beautiful. As people who care very deeply for […] More

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    How discovering your Values can help you live beyond Vitiligo

    beyond vitiligo

    Be it engaging with your true inner beauty or coming to terms with your vitiligo, your personal values are reflected in every aspect of your life. Think of values as roots of a tree. A tree, with its strong roots, supports the ecosystem around it. Likewise, an individual with strong values grows, learns, and creates, […] More

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    Vitiligo and Zinc Deficiency – What’s the connection?

    Zinc Deficiency

    Many sources can be sited to confirm that certain metal ions including zinc (Zn) and copper are found in high levels in pigmented tissues that are involved in melanin synthesis. This only illustrates zinc’s far-reaching effects in vitiligo’s better management. Keeping in mind that zinc stimulates the melanocytes into action and increases melanin and repigmentation […] More

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    Touching Lives through Music – 11 Music Artists with Vitiligo

    Music Artists with Vitiligo

    Vitiligo is known to be the most common chronic skin disorder across races or ethnicities. Since the exact cause of the same is not known, no amount of fame or money can guard anyone against it. The good news is most of the music artists with vitiligo did not let it shut down their chances […] More

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    6 Ways to Overcome Inferiority Complex in Vitiligo

    Inferiority Complex in Vitiligo

    Inferiority is a common feeling all vitiligo fighters have felt at some point in their lives. Many things can cause the Inferiority Complex. But this often affects vitiligans who are constantly reminded of their visual difference through strange stares, bitter comments, and annoying questions. While some of us learn to recognize, accept, and overcome our […] More

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