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    What is Vitiligo Impact Patient Scale 

    Vitiligo Impact Patient Scale

    Vitiligo Impact Patient Scale (VIPs) is a rating scale that assesses the psychosocial impact of vitiligo. Since vitiligo has a major impact on an individual’s quality of life, a vitiligo-specific quality of life instrument exists to fulfill the need for an independent measure of the psychosocial burden. The scale consists of a vitiligo-specific burden questionnaire. The […] More

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    My Vitiligo Story | From Rohit Dangar’s Diary

    Rohit Dangar

    At 10 years of age, I tripped and fell in a large boiling pot of milk and got burn marks on my skin. I was taken to the hospital for immediate treatment. This is when I spotted the first white patch on my left leg. In the beginning, I was very concerned about how I […] More

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    5 Best Valentine Gifts for Him

    Portuguese man with vitiligo

    Buying a gift for your man is not an easy as it seems. It must be cool, useful yet special. Especially finding a gift for valentine’s day, which you consider as a perfect way to express your love for him, could be a mammoth task. But don’t worry, just sit, relax and take a deep […] More

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    Dappled – A Love Letter to Vitiligo 

    Dappled book on vitiligo

    Lisa Brown, an occupational therapist with vitiligo from Perth, was looking for a book that would explore love, loss, friendship, mental health, disability, and self-acceptance. Living with vitiligo since the age of 14, Lisa wanted to read a book about someone else with the skin condition. She wanted a book that understood the struggles of […] More

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    Eating Eggs in Vitiligo – Wise or Not? 

    eggs vitiligo

    “Does eating egg trigger vitiligo to go worse?” is a question that is floating in many minds. So far, no research has been conducted to establish the link between the egg’s positives/side effects on vitiligo. The egg may interfere in your existing vitiligo treatment regime, so it’s best to ask your doctor for any possible […] More

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    Cellular Grafting Surgeries for Vitiligo – All you need to know 

    Cellular Grafting Surgeries for Vitiligo

    The basic principle of all surgical methods for vitiligo is the transfer of melanocytes from uninvolved skin into a stable white lesion, where they function as effective epidermal-melanin units. In cellular grafting surgeries for vitiligo, melanocytes and other skin cells are removed from pigmented skin to be ultimately transplanted to white patches. Prior transplantation, the […] More

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    Barbie goes Inclusive – Mattel launches a doll with vitiligo 

    Barbie with vitiligo

    2020 couldn’t kickstart better than this. Barbie dolls that have been blamed for stereotyping beauty for way too long have finally got inclusive. The makers of Barbie, Mattel, unveiled a slew of new dolls featuring inclusive hairstyles, body types, and vitiligo.  In 2020, Barbie is continuing the journey to represent inclusivity in the fashion doll […] More

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    Vitiligo in News | January 2020

    2020 couldn’t start on a better note than this. Barbie dolls that have been the personification of ideal beauty for too long too got inclusive this January. The makers of Barbie unveiled a slew of new dolls featuring inclusive hairstyles, body types, and vitiligo. Mattel in January 2020 revealed a doll with vitiligo along with […] More

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    Why Vitiligo Fighters need to be introduced to Radical Acceptance

    Vitiligo Fighters Radical Acceptance

    Have you ever heard of Radical Acceptance? Believe it or not, this word has the potential to transform the way you approach your life and vitiligo. “Radical acceptance” (Linehan, 1993) is all about accepting life on life’s terms and not resisting what you cannot change. In other words, radical acceptance is about saying yes to […] More

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    Tissue Grafting Surgeries for Vitiligo – All you need to know

    Tissue grafting surgeries for vitiligo

    Tissue grafting refers to a set of surgeries that are generally performed to treat stable vitiligo. In this line of surgical treatment for vitiligo, grafting of melanocyte-rich tissues is proliferated (small plugs of skin are transplanted to vitiligo affected area) to achieve complete repigmentation that cosmetically matches the skin tone of the surrounding skin. Like […] More

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    A Vitiligo Friendly Workplace – Watch Sephora’s new Employer Branding Story 

    Sephora vitiligo story

    For years, all great organizations have been pulling out all the stops with their employer branding campaigns. Such companies are investing in their employer branding stories, discovering new ways to tell an engaging story. Sephora, a global beauty brand recently released an employer brand story video, featuring an employee with vitiligo.  This is the first […] More

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