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    The Economic Toll of Living with Vitiligo: Understanding the Medical Costs

    Living with vitiligo entails more than just visible changes to one’s appearance. Recent research sheds light on the economic burden faced by individuals with vitiligo, not only in terms of medical expenses but also concerning mental health-related costs. Led by Khaled Ezzedine and his team from the Université Paris-Est Créteil in France, this study delved […] More

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    10 Most Influential Vitiligans | 2023

    Most Influential Vitiligans of 2023

    In a world obsessed with Instagram reels and unrealistic beauty standards, the work of vitiligo awareness advocates cannot be undervalued. Knowingly and unknowingly, these champions are changing the story and promoting inclusivity for all skin types. Year after year, Unite For Vitiligo pauses to acknowledge and celebrate these trailblazers who are rewriting the course of […] More

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    Ruxolitinib for Vitiligo: What We Know So Far

    Ruxolitinib for Vitiligo

    More than a year back, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved topical Ruxolitinib (Opzelura) for repigmentation of nonsegmental vitiligo in a ground-breaking development. It was seen as a significant milestone in the treatment of the skin disorder. The approval was preceded by many clinical trials. The trials on Ruxolitinib focused on individuals aged […] More

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    Can Trained Immunity Play a Role in the Development of Vitiligo

    Immunity Role in the Development of Vitiligo

    Trained immunity may play a significant role in the development of vitiligo. Scientists believe that trained immunity could have an even greater impact on the disease’s pathogenesis, acting as a continuous enhancer and trigger. In a recent study review, experts examined how immunity contributes to the pathogenesis of vitiligo. The review authors found that certain […] More

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    3 Lessons Learned from Winnie Harlow’s Women’s Health Interview

    Winnie Harlow Women Health

    Last month, supermodel Winnie Harlow was featured as the cover star of Women’s Health’s June issue. The interview given to the magazine highlighted her journey as a boundary-breaking model who has become a symbol of unique beauty. In the interview featured in the issue, Winnie spoke openly about-facing rejection in her early modeling days and […] More

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    Jamie Foxx Has Vitiligo in the New Movie ‘God is a Bullet’

    Jamie Foxx God is a Bullet

    Many actors are known for their transformative abilities to slip into the skin of various characters. They have the power to captivate audiences, taking them on an emotional journey through their performances. Jamie Foxx, an actor known for his versatility, in his latest movie, ‘God is a Bullet,’ takes on a role that sheds light […] More

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    My Vitiligo Story | From Rahul Patil’s Diary

    Rahul Patil

    Hello, my name is Rahul Patil, a 28-year-old IT professional working as an SAP Consultant. Originally from the small town of Pachora in North Maharashtra, I have been living in Mumbai since 2012. Today, I would like to share my personal story, the discovery of my vitiligo, the challenges I faced, and the valuable lessons […] More

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    World Vitiligo Day 2023 – A Recap

    world vitiligo day 2023

    Asia Every year, World Vitiligo Day (WVD) is officially hosted by a different country. In 2022, Mexico, under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Med. Jorge Ocampo Candiani, served as the campaign headquarters for all World Vitiligo Day activities. This year, the global WVD headquarters shifted to Almaty, Kazakhstan, with Dr. Aliya Kassymkhanova serving as the […] More

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    My Vitiligo Story | From Roshaan Narkedayy’s Diary

    Roshaan Narkedayy

    My name is Roshaan Narkedayy, and I am a former IT professional, creator, and investor from Pune, India, aged 35. My experience with Vitiligo began when I noticed a small white patch on my neck after cutting my long hair in the Dhoni Style. Initially, I didn’t know what to make of it, but as […] More

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    An Information Guide to World Vitiligo Day 2023

    World Vitiligo Day 2022

    World Vitiligo Day is an annual event observed on June 25th to raise awareness about vitiligo, provide support to individuals living with the condition, and promote research for effective treatments. The day was established in 2011 and has since gained global recognition, bringing together vitiligo patients, healthcare professionals, and organizations to advocate for better understanding […] More

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    Connecting the Dots: Uncovering the Most Common Comorbidities in Vitiligo

    Portuguese man with vitiligo

    Recent research (conducted by Desai S, McCormick E, Sodha P, Friedman A, and titled “Shining a light on vitiligo and associated comorbidities: what is the evidence?”) has shed light on the most common comorbidities often linked to vitiligo. In the recent review, researchers found that people with vitiligo are 2.6 times more likely to have […] More

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    Strategies to Maintain Resilient Emotional Health in Vitiligo

    Vitiligo is not just a cosmetic problem. It is a condition that can cause emotional heath issues and mental distress in the forms of low self-esteem, sleep problems, anxiety, negative self-perception, and depression. According to a study published in the journal Middle East Current Psychiatry in September 2021, about 75% of people with vitiligo report […] More

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