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    Are People with Vitiligo at higher risk of contracting Coronavirus?

    coronavirus and vitiligo

    We have received a few questions regarding coronavirus, COVID-19. People with vitiligo are simply asking if they are at higher risk of contracting the novel virus, which is responsible for an ongoing pandemic. Vitiligo is an autoimmune skin disorder, which means that someone with vitiligo has an immune system that is somehow malfunctioning. So, it’s […] More

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    Looking Beyond Vitiligo – Conducting your own Life Audit 


    There come times in your journey with vitiligo when you find yourself lost, having no idea if you doing enough to pursue your professional and personal dreams. This calls for a life audit – taking a moment to realize that “you are way more than your vitiligo.”  Conducting your own life audit helps you identify […] More

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    Being Patient during Your Vitiligo Treatment 

    latest vitiligo treatment

    First, let’s get this straight! Till now, no effective treatment method is discovered for vitiligo. Having said that, many folks, in some cases, have reported improvement in their vitiligo when they undergo a certain treatment. If that’s your case, it’s best to stick to the chosen treatment with patience. But, at times, it takes longer […] More

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    Hope for The Next Generation – Kid Models with Vitiligo 

    Kid Models with Vitiligo 

    Kids are innocent! When they don’t find themselves in books and movies, they feel alienated. Being a kid with vitiligo is a struggle on its own right. But, when you live with the added pressure of bullying due to your visual difference, it gets hard to aspire to do what you want to do as […] More

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    Vitiligo in News | February 2020

    This February, Ash Soto, known as a woman who creates stunning body artwork based on vitiligo, was in news again. Natalie Morris from MetroUK retold the story of Soto which got viral within the vitiligo community and many support networks. The same time, Barcroft TV’s YouTube special – Shake My Beauty featured Ash, telling her […] More

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    What is Vitiligo Impact Patient Scale 

    Vitiligo Impact Patient Scale

    Vitiligo Impact Patient Scale (VIPs) is a rating scale that assesses the psychosocial impact of vitiligo. Since vitiligo has a major impact on an individual’s quality of life, a vitiligo-specific quality of life instrument exists to fulfill the need for an independent measure of the psychosocial burden. The scale consists of a vitiligo-specific burden questionnaire. The […] More

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    My Vitiligo Story | From Rohit Dangar’s Diary

    Rohit Dangar

    At 10 years of age, I tripped and fell in a large boiling pot of milk and got burn marks on my skin. I was taken to the hospital for immediate treatment. This is when I spotted the first white patch on my left leg. In the beginning, I was very concerned about how I […] More

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    5 Best Valentine Gifts for Him

    Portuguese man with vitiligo

    Buying a gift for your man is not an easy as it seems. It must be cool, useful yet special. Especially finding a gift for valentine’s day, which you consider as a perfect way to express your love for him, could be a mammoth task. But don’t worry, just sit, relax and take a deep […] More

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