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    World Vitiligo Day 2022 – A Recap

    world vitiligo day 2022

    World Vitiligo Day (WVD), which was originally established to raise awareness for vitiligo, has now been a global event, celebrated widely by vitiligo fighters, their families, and doctors. Each year, on WVD, people talk about the skin condition, raise money for vitiligo research, give free skin exams, and educate physicians on how to provide emotional […] More

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    Unite For Vitiligo celebrates Vitiligo Awareness Month With #RecognizeYourSuperpower

    world vitiligo month campaign

    ‘Unite For Vitiligo’ is celebrating Vitiligo Awareness Month with its engagement campaign #RecognizeYourSuperpower on the web and social media. Aiming to address, discuss, and make people rise above challenges posed by the chronic skin disorder, the campaign is already creating buzz on social media. #RecognizeYourSuperpower is an effort by Team ‘Unite For Vitiligo’ to connect […] More

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    An Information Guide to World Vitiligo Day 2022

    World Vitiligo Day 2022

    World Vitiligo Day 2022 is just a few days away to be celebrated across the world to build global awareness about vitiligo – a disfiguring skin condition that can have significant negative psychosocial impact on those living with it. The event is all set to be observed globally in various parts of the world on […] More

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    After Barbie with Vitiligo, Mattel Launches Ken Doll with Vitiligo

    Ken doll with vitiligo

    The maker of Barbie, Mattel, Inc., are all set to launch ken doll with vitiligo nationwide this June – the same month that has been proclaimed as Vitiligo Awareness Month across various states in the USA. After launching a Barbie with vitiligo in 2020, Mattel will include a Ken doll with vitiligo this year in […] More

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    Is My Beauty Lost with Vitiligo? Here’s A South Asian Perspective

    Vitiligo Close-up

    If you think about it – vitiligo is just a skin condition characterized by depigmentation that can affect any part of the body. It is certainly more noticeable in people with darker skin, including me. The outer appearance experience of living with vitiligo is so often talked about that we forget what kind of pain […] More

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    Efficacy of Ginkgo Biloba for Vitiligo

    Ginkgo Biloba for Vitiligo

    In the last few years, Ginkgo Biloba (seeds and leaves) has emerged as a simple, inexpensive therapy for people with vitiligo. Ginkgo Biloba leaf, which is known to have anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, and antioxidant properties, is often recommended by natural therapists. The leaf extract along with seeds of the maidenhair tree has been reported to be […] More

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    Are Vitiligo and Lupus interconnected? 

    vitiligo and lupus

    Various studies have hinted that vitiligo is a systemic skin disorder with multiple comorbidities. That is why many experts around the world argue autoimmunity plays a role in the loss of melanocytes and patchy depigmentation in the skin condition. The two most common comorbid autoimmune diseases found in people with vitiligo are thyroid disease and […] More

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    Can Vitiligo be treated with Naturopathy? 

    vitiligo hands

    Many of us know that vitiligo surfaces as a result of a decrease in the production of melanin in the human body. However, the exact cause of the skin condition is still unknown, which only makes it difficult for the medical fraternity to come up with an effective cure for vitiligo. Many experts believe that […] More

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    Repertoire Immune Medicines and UMass Chan partner to Identify Cause(s) of Vitiligo

    T cells play a role in vitiligo

    February 2021 will forever be remembered for meaningful research collaboration between two parties that aim to identify underlying immune causes of vitiligo. This is the same month when Repertoire Immune Medicines and UMass Chan Medical School (UMass Chan) entered into a sponsored research agreement to identify the specific T cell and antigen pairs involved in […] More

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    Sonya Charles Danita’s Impactful Vitiligo Journey

    Sonya Charles Danita

    Growing up with vitiligo, Sonya Charles Danita never imagined that one day she would model for top-notch fashion magazines, walk on the ramp, and be part of brand campaigns for Levis, Dove, Maybelline, and Chatime. Today, Sonya is using social media to reach out to those who need her self-confidence and strength, and a life-changing […] More

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    4 Poems That Will Motivate You to Thrive With Vitiligo

    Vitiligo on Hands

    Kinjal Sanghavi, a poetess with vitiligo, has been writing poems based on her personal experience of living with the skin condition.  I didn’t quit The path was harsh; The people started calling me trash; But, I didn’t quit. The hardships were increasing; The struggle became suffocating; But, I didn’t quit. The frustration was at its […] More

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    Know All About New Vitiligo Impact Treatment Score

    Vitiligo Impact Treatment Score

    Investigators in France developed and validated a dermatologic-specific burden score called the Vitiligo Impact Treatment Score (VIT) in October 2021. The investigators believed that VIT has the potential to be used in clinical practice as a validated global score and is easy to calculate to identify whether someone with vitiligo is overwhelmed by their treatment […] More

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