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Beyond Vitiligo – 5 Must-Read Books on Spirituality

books on Spirituality

For many people confronted with vitiligo, spirituality is a relevant resource to cope. Most of the research studies on chronic disorders state that religious involvement is related to better mental and physical health, and improved medical outcomes. Whatever the scientific evidence may prove, one can not ignore that spirituality/religiosity is beneficial in maintaining self-esteem, providing a sense of meaning and purpose, giving emotional comfort and providing a sense of hope.

While specific studies on vitiligo fighters’ spiritual needs are yet to be conducted, it is not a secret that spirituality/ religiosity can be a great tool to look beyond vitiligo.

If you too, wish to explore the concept of spirituality and come to a holistic understanding of the world and consequently, of yourself, we have listed out 5 such must-read books on spirituality. They will equip you to question established social and religious mores, see the truth of love and look at the world with new eyes. Happy reading, for your ‘spirit’!

1 | The Secret

Rhonda Byrne came across a life-altering book when she was going through a time of deep crisis. That book helped lift her out of the morass she was stuck in and led to her writing The Secret. Byrne reveals that the ‘secret’ of the universe is the law of attraction, specifically, the law that states ‘like attracts like’. So, if you think about love and forgiveness and peace, that is what you will attract into your life. The same holds true for fear and anger and hatred. Truly, the thoughts hold the secret!

2 | The Laws of The Sun

In an age when the light of truth and honesty seems to be fast fading, this seminal work by Ryuho Okawa stands like a lighthouse amid choppy seas of mortality. The Laws of the Sun: One Source, One Planet, One People speaks of the nature of the soul, where humans come from, what are the universal spiritual laws and can we live in harmony with them? Take a trip to the creation of the universe, explore higher dimensions and find a bit of yourself in this modern guide to universal wisdom.

3 | Thoughts are Things

Prentice Mulford, the author of Thoughts are Things was widely considered a ‘Bohemian’ for his disregard for money and wrote in his autobiography that “poverty argued for us possession of more brains”. Published in 1889, if in 2015, we are still talking about Thoughts are Things, Mulford seems to have come up tops in his work and in his life. Pioneer of the New Thought movement, Mulford, and his book remain touchstones for spiritual seekers.

4 | Karma: The Ancient Science of Cause and Effect

Karma is the cycle of cause and action or as pithily described, “As you sow, so you shall reap.”  Jeffrey Armstrong’s book Karma: The Ancient Science of Cause and Effect comprehensively examines the esoteric concept of karma and how the choices we make have far-reaching consequences. Here’s an excerpt to reveal the timeless brilliance of this book, “Our current level of ability to alter the balance of natural law calls into question everything we do. At present we are gambling with our children’s futures and perhaps the future of life on our planet. Never has there been a time when an understanding of karma was more relevant than it is today.”

5 | Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Beautifully bringing to life the struggles of the perennial-‘misfit’ seagull named Jonathan Livingston, Richard Bach delves into the endless possibilities that lie unexplored by the human mind and soul, in this book, that has captured the imaginations of thousands of readers for over 40 years now. Jonathan is a seagull whose passion for flying results in him being outcast from his group. Despondent at first, he soon moves to a ‘higher plane’, where he meets others like him. A guiding light for all non-conformists, Jonathan shows how forgiveness, love and reaching your true potential are the reason for being.

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