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Beyond Vitiligo – 5 Easy Steps to Great-looking Skin

vitiligo skin care

Feeling like you can’t cope with vitiligo can make anyone feel depressed. Sadly, the feeling often causes you to stop and think about your life, ignoring your wishes and needs.

On the contrary, in order to cope with vitiligo, you need to relax and regain your strength. Trust us you feel better about yourself as long as you are giving yourself what you need. When you are less stressed, you will even have hope that you can recover from the chronic skin disorder. After all, taking care of yourself is not just about appearance but also about improving your mental health. Your first step towards self-care can be – looking after your skin. No matter how many patches you have on your body, your skin needs to remain healthy and good looking.

In our hectic lives and the polluted environment we are living in, it is easy to put skin care on the backburner. Where is the time to worry about it when there is so much that competes for your attention, you ask? Well, just follow this easy 5-step skin care regimen and make dull, dry skin a thing of the past!

Avoid camouflage make-up on humid days

Make-up, by its very nature, seals skin pores and allows very little air inside. It might work well on pleasant, balmy evenings, but on days with high humidity, it’s best to avoid makeup and go natural.

Use right tools for makeup

Anyone can differentiate between makeup done by the sponges (often complementary with vitiligo camouflage makeup kit) and the brushes that you buy from a trusted brand. Using the right tool can really make a world of difference to your appearance. Here are 7 brushes you will need for covering vitiligo seamlessly.

Never go to sleep with make-up on

It goes without saying that the surest way to make your skin dull and lifeless is to let make-up stay on it for long periods of time. So, no matter how much ‘Rumble in the Bronx-style’ party, take out a few minutes to wipe off all make-up.

The next three steps can be abbreviated as CTM or Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturising. Follow them for just 14 days and note the visible difference in your skin.


Back home after a hectic day at work, with traces of pollution visible on your face? As that relaxing cup of tea brews on the stove, take a good quality cleanser and scrub away all the dirt, dust and grime from your face and neck. As your skin starts breathing, you’ll immediately start looking a shade cleaner!


The next crucial step in your vitiligo skincare regimen is using a mild, alcohol-free toner to refresh and exfoliate your skin. It’s important to use a toner without alcohol for best results. Alcohol is harsh and causes the skin to dry, which then makes it produce more oil, to compensate.


Daily moisturizing is key to the great-looking skin in vitiligo, as it rejuvenates dry and exhausted skin. The perfect moisturizer is oil-free and non-comedogenic (does not block pores) and the best part is that it does not cost a fortune to buy one. Slather it on and give way to an invigorating beauty sleep. After all, your skin conveys so much about your life. Let it glow!

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