Having a Ball in your BELLIES

Vitiligo Bellies
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They are cute, classy, comfortable, and oh-so-cool! Belly shoes for women have an element of ease and style, which makes them a perfect choice for most events and occasions. Here’s when and how you can wear those belly shoes just right:

Chick fun

A brunch date with your girlfriends is all about gossips and girly chats. It’s a day when you can dress your cutest and coolest self. Team up that peasant skirt, cotton dress, or capris, with casual and colorful belly shoes. Red, green, yellow, blue…with bows or a floral design…you can have so much fun with bellies in a range of exciting hues and patterns.

Perfectly professional

If you’ve got to crack that business deal, and want an element of confidence, belly shoes can do the magic. Formal, yet fashionable, bellies bring in a blend of style with subtlety. They bring instance with sophistication — just what you need during that crucial meeting or presentation.

On romantic roads

A candlelit dinner, champagne, roses and beautiful music…all in the company of your ‘Special Someone’…well, here’s an occasion to dress your best! On such a beautiful evening, you’ve got to complement your super-hot LBD or pencil skirt with a pair of chic high-heeled bellies.

Feel the heel

As the gorgeous Marilyn Monroe once said, “I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot.” So, if you can carry high-heeled formal bellies or pumps with a lot of grace, go ahead and invest in them, especially for formal occasions! Heels give you a better, more upright posture. However, if you are not too comfortable in them, wedges could also do the job perfectly well.

Prim and propar

From peep toes to closed-toed bellies, there’s so much to choose from. Of course, ladies, if you are planning to opt for peep toes, make sure that your toenails are well-kept!

The right time

Do keep the occasion in mind before you wear those bellies. For instance, if it’s a formal evening or official meeting, loud and bold colors would be a big No, No! But a chat over a coffee is a relaxed, casual occasion…one during which you can go ahead and experiment with exciting colors and styles.

So, ladies, are your ready to strut your stuff…and your bellies, of course!

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