For a Proud Vitiligan – 5 Must-have Statement Accessories

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Pic Courtesy: Winnie Harlow's Instagram Account

It’s a well-known fashion fact that accessories can make or break an outfit. You could be wearing the hottest clothes that perfectly hug your curves, but pair the outfit with the wrong accessory, and your whole look becomes a fashion faux pas. The safe route here is to invest in a few statement pieces that you can wear with a whole bunch of things, and with which you can’t really go wrong.

We list out a few basic accessories that you absolutely must add to your wardrobe.

1. Statement neckpiece

The statement neckpiece made a comeback a couple of years ago and has stayed firmly put. A simple white-shirt-blue-jeans combo gets an instant uplift with a chunky neckpiece. And that’s all you need. Similarly, if you’re heading for a party after work, all you have to do is open up your hair, slip into some heels and put on an eye-catching neckpiece—you’re good to go.

2. Sky-high heels

Yes, ladies, they are uncomfortable and bad for the back. But c’mon. You know your wardrobe is incomplete without them. Not only does it add a ton of style points to your look, but it gives you great posture too. And face it, when you walk into a room wearing a killer pair of heels, you know you feel good about yourself and vitiligo just gets out of your life.

3. A tote and clutch

‘I just need one bag’… said no girl ever. And hence we’re clubbing these two together. The tote fulfills all your daily needs—yes, we admit that we women cannot leave the house without practically carrying it with us. Everything is of utmost importance. And a tote serves the purpose of fitting everything in it and being stylish. Slip the clutch into your tote for a night out as you don’t want to be lugging around a giant bag when you’re busy burning up the dance floor.

4. Sunglasses

It’s all in the frame and the face. Don’t think twice about spending money on a good, branded pair of sunglasses — they are an investment and hello! you have to take care of your eyes too! When picking out a pair, make sure they suit the shape of your face. Just because round reflective ones are in vogue doesn’t mean you should get them if you have a round, slightly chubby face! Exercise caution during this shopping spree.

5. Red lipstick

This may not sound like an accessory per se, but we all know that, hell, it’s an important one. Red lips ruled the runways all of the last seasons, and they’re not going anywhere. A simple outfit or dressy look—red lips can add an insane touch of zing to just about anything. More importantly, day or night, red lips work no matter when it is, where you are and who you’re meeting.

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