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Fashion Accessories for Work – Elegance Speaks Volumes

Winnie Harlow Formal Dress
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Amidst a demanding job, you have to look professional, not dull. So, why not keep it formal yet classy! Fashion accessories play an important role in representing your personality. So, don’t be afraid to flaunt your accessories in office, but keep them sleek and subtle. The selection of accessory should be such that it complements your ready-to-work look.

If your office does not allow you to play with the strict what-to-wear rule, take a different route to style. You don’t have to keep it loud. Just subtly garnish your attire and let the simplicity speak for itself.

  • Hoop Earrings are small in size, but large in terms of appeal. Earrings have to be such that they do not interfere with the flow of your work. Tinkling earrings are just not for office, so remember to leave them at home when going for work.
  • The ring should be small in size and not too shiny. A diamond ring or pearl ring will go well with your formal attire without breaking the flow.
  • A simple pendant with the gemstone-studded on it will fulfill your desire of accessorizing your attire. The even multi-stranded pendant can be picked from the accessory box to experiment with that monotonous office look.
  • A watch is a must-have for a formal look. With a watch, you can never be worried about too much shine. So why not wear a watch and keep your fingers bare for a minimalist style.
  • When you wear a pendant with a simple top, avoid wearing earrings, as together they will not serve the purpose. A pendant is enough to highlight your neckline and your overall sophisticated look.

Compare your office look with accessories and without them; you will surely love the way you look with accessories. Who says that the strict rule for formals does not allow you to experiment with your looks, different accessories are designed primarily for the office-going women who are sophisticated from outside but always craving for style from inside. Your choice of accessories should reflect your personality without giving a wrong message of overstated stylish look.

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