8 Ways to Stay Motivated during Vitiligo Treatment

Vitiligo - Diagnosis and treatment

It would not be wrong to say that motivation plays a key role in a re-pigmentation in vitiligo. If you do not feel motivated, keeping up with a promising vitiligo treatment will be a challenge. The lack of trust, patience, and motivation may decrease your participation. Result? You may stop the treatment even before it could make any difference. This is why it is important to find what motivates you so that you have the best chance of pigmentation recovery. Here are some motivation tips to help keep your momentum going.

1 | Goal-Setting

Goal setting is probably the most powerful tool to motivate people. And, the Motivation is further enhanced when there are clear, personally relevant goals. Goals need to be personalized and meaningful, something like being able to wear swimsuit this summer. When you have a goal, you tend to work hard for it.

2 | Focus on the Process, not the End Result

Staying focused on the end result may seem like a good idea, but, that’s not always a wise thing to do. If you stay focused on ultimate re-pigmentation, you’ll feel anxious to be there and lose the motivation along the way. Focusing at the end result might also make you feel that you are not making any progress.

The best thing to do is focusing on what is happening right now and celebrating small improvements (such as a patch turning darker or getting smaller). This will renew your hope and boost your confidence.

3 | Find motivation in Hobbies.

We all love and enjoy some activities. These activities could be anything – reading a book, gardening, painting or photography. Being able to peruse your hobby will make you actively engaged in the existing treatment process. If you are book reader, check out our Vitiligans’ Book Club.

4 | Visualize

Olympics athletes often use visualization to win difficult competitions. They visualize themselves in full speed and perfect form to follow through. Similarly, when you visualize that the current treatment is working for you, it mentally trains you to feel the same. This trick boosts motivation by making it easier for you to stick to your treatment plan.

5 | Meditation

For finding motivation, you need to have determination, a clear head, and stable emotions. Practicing meditation may help you ease depression and mental fatigue. The good news – meditation also affects our brain areas that are responsible for emotional balance and mental flexibility.

6 | Music Therapy

Many studies provide evidence that music improves mood. Interestingly, Music Therapy is not only about listening to music. It is also about creating music and being allowed to express your creative self. Pick music that brings back memories. Listening to music that triggers memories is a true stress buster.

7 | Find Motivation in Social Relationship

Many find motivation in being able to interact with the people they care about. Playing with your kids outdoors or going out with their friends are some of the commons things you miss most from your life before vitiligo. Find a way to socialize. If you feel very conscious to leave your home, have a video chat. You may feel less burdened after talking to an old friend about your new challenges.

8 | Seek out support

Various community services, such as vitiligo support groups (online or offline) are available for you. Stay in touch with your doctor who can help you find the right support group. Hearing other vitiligans with similar problems will help you relate and feel motivated to beat all the odds against vitiligo.

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