6 ways to start afresh after an unsuccessful vitiligo treatment

start afresh with vitiligo

It’s natural to experience significant stress, a sense of being overwhelmed, or worries after trying a number of vitiligo treatments. There’s no doubt that you have had your share of tears after knowing that nothing is helping you out to re-pigment your skin. But, having back on your feet or at least putting your best efforts to do so is important.

Once you are able to look past your self-pity and focus on the positive opportunities and outcomes, you will be able to rebuild your life, even with vitiligo. Here are 6 ways to start afresh after undergoing an unsuccessful vitiligo treatment.

1 – Introspect.

Reduce pampering and self-pity and take positive actions. Block out any insecurity and say it lout that you’ll take charge of your life from now on. Perhaps, vitiligo gave you an opportunity to see life differently. Develop positive attitude and actions to accept what is done is done and look beyond vitiligo.

2 – Outrun a boring routine.

It’s time to outrun monotony. Start a new routine such as doing the same yoga poses at a different time/schedule. This will help you infuse some change in your otherwise monotonous routine. To regain normality in life quickly, avoid oversleeping. Reduce the amount of rest and made your “awake” hours count by cycling, stretching or booking yourself deep tissue massage occasionally.

3 – Learn new things.

Learning something new will stimulate your mind and would help you to enjoy life more. By indulging in a new activity, you will increase levels of the positive chemicals (Serotonin and Oxytocin) in the brain and will also be distracted from stress and anxiety.

4 – Indulge in some Music Therapy.

If you have stopped listening to the music just because you don’t feel like it, it’s time to restart. Listening to music is a little bit of magic for the brain, as supported by studies. Music activates numerous brain regions (that are responsible for attention, memory, verbal, emotion and meaning) at once. It’s even better for the brain to make music. So, you may find singing lessons invaluable. They will wake up your whole body and release tension to make you feel recharged.

5 – Meditate.

Practicing meditation and mindfulness have been shown to change the structure of the brain for good. While mindfulness (where you accept your thoughts as they come and go rather than trying to change them) strengthens the “thinking” part of the brain, meditation calms and stabilizes the restless mind. This should help you empty your brain from negative thoughts and start afresh. 10 minutes of meditation every morning is a good start. Gradually you can build it up to 30 minutes of quietness.

6 – Keep your focus on yourself.

Don’t commit the crime of comparing yourself to other vitiligo fighters. Everybody’s vitiligo is different. Your journey is your path and yours alone. Focusing on how much of your skin is affected by vitiligo or how quickly one responded to vitiligo treatment will only make you miserable and self-critical. Rather focus on your dreams and give your 100% best. Don’t let yourself distract from what you want to achieve in life.

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