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Vitiligo & Workplace – 8 Ways to overcome Mental Fatigue

vitiligo and mental fatigue

Vitiligo and chronic fatigue syndrome are two conditions that can make someone feel extremely tired and feel hapless, even after a good night’s sleep. Believe it or not, it’s possible to have both conditions at the same time. This is why it is quite easy to mistake feelings of fatigue for vitiligo and vice-versa.

If you have been fighting with vitiligo and seeing no hope in that sphere, it’s not uncommon to feel that the condition has left you working on click of a button only. Feeling trapped in vitiligo treatments one after another, it’s natural to feel lethargic and bogged down all the time.

Before vitiligo becomes a catalyst for impatience, irritability, and inability to focus at the workplace, you got to do something and shift your focus to being productive. What we are offering in this blog is a step-by-step guide to overcome mental fatigue at the workplace. If you have discovered your own way to defeat brain drain, please let us know in the comment section.

1. Work by priority

Prioritize your time and work on your to-do list with ‘have to’. Do the ‘have-tos’ first. And follow it with the need to work and get on to the desired one later. Once you have the list of ‘have-tos’, finish the easier task that you can do and like. This not only helps to finish faster but motivates to move on to the harder ones with inspiration and sense of achievement.

Priority is one thing, but the quantum of the task is also a question. Ensure you are not overloaded. Pick 1 task at a time and focus on it to get it done well.

2. Break the task load

Over complications lead to undue delay. Break down your task into smaller activities for simplicity. This way much gets done, and you stay motivated too.

3. Give yourself a deadline

Give yourself a detailed timeline to achieve each of the tasks. It will help you keep on track – else it’s easy to push things to last minute and overwhelm yourself into laziness easily.

4. Value your time

If you do not belong to the category of overworked employees, then, possibly, procrastination is the real culprit here. Mind your time. You are free bird perhaps with more time on hand than you can use and plan for.

Be it for curiosity or for a charted growth, learn something new – make use of your time to engage and pull your focus away from vitiligo. It will keep you fresh and refreshed.

5. Eliminate your procrastination point

Do not let the procrastination affect your productivity. Identify what you seek out first once you reach your workstation. Is your iPad your first reach out point? If that’s the case, work where there is no internet access. If you are one of those who keeps texting, leave your phone with a friend for a while and attend to a task on hand.

6. Rearrange your surroundings

A change in our environment has a direct impact on our work and productivity. A mere rearrangement of your work set up might help. Get a bright colored pen stand, add a motivation poster to help you cheer up.

7. Fight delays with punctuality

Habituate punctuality today. If you promise to be there at 10.00 am, be there. If you schedule to start work on a project at noon, then do so. Delaying it for later only adds complexities. Punctuality endorses commitment and gets the job done.

8. Get to it

The best way to get things done is getting started. Just do it. Activities breed activity whereas laziness breeds laziness. When you work hard, you got to have breaks too. Find one that suits you. For every 50 minutes take the next 10 minutes off until you tame laziness at the workplace.

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