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Interviewing for a new job? Don’t let Vitiligo affect your Career Prospects

vitiligo's impact on job

We haven’t heard if someone with vitiligo has ever faced any discrimination in his/her career due to the chronic skin disorder, despite having faced too much of it in personal life. However, since vitiligo is a skin disorder, you may constantly live under the fear of being judged based on your appearance over your professional skills. Result? You will dread appearing for a new job.

Your legs can feel shaky, your palms might be sweaty, and everything around you will feel new despite it being familiar. Don’t worry. With the right planning and attitude, your job interview will pass easily, and the unfamiliar will soon be familiar again. Here is a stress-free guide to interviewing for a new job without having to worry about vitiligo.

 1. Plan your day ahead

Don’t ‘what if’ yourself! Anyone can ‘what if’ anything and start to drive yourself nuts with it. Purposefully make yourself imagine giving the best answers to interviewer’s question. Read your favorite motivational book a day before to see you through this ‘perceived’ tough time! If you don’t know which book will make you feel better, here we have 8 books that can change any vitiligo fighter’s life.

Choose your most flattering outfit for the interview. You can also carry a stress ball to ease off the pressure before the interview. Yoga is the best stress buster so energizing you with a quick breathing yoga session on the day of discussion (in the morning) won’t hurt.

 2. Be prepared

Prepare yourself mentally. A discussion regarding your vitiligo might pop up during the interview (especially when you are appearing for a retail job). Too much stress about the discussion can make it harder to concentrate and crack the job.

If this happens, the interview will turn into an opportunity for you to debunk some common vitiligo myths the interviewer might have (such as vitiligo affects an individual’s intelligence). Tell that you will be able to do what they expect you to do and they will like you for your competence.

3. Talk it out

Consider having a conversation with your favorite person about the interview. A candid dialogue a day before the interview can help dispel fears and anxiety you may have about someone staring at your white patches.

 4. Get organized

Some stationery can help you stay organized and least nervous during the interview. If you appearing for an analytical profile, Report Covers and Document Binders can help you label different research papers.

If you are appearing for a creative job, Paper Folders and Paper Clips will keep your portfolio files intact. Having all document organized and arranged neatly will avoid feeling overwhelmed at the last moment.

 5. Take required rest

As discussed many times below, vitiligo fighters are more prone to anxiety. To ensure that you don’t put yourself through anxiety episodes before the interview, find some time for rest breaks. To mentally detach yourself from the pressures ahead, ensure to get enough sleep the day before. A power nap (an hour before the interview) is a good idea too.

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