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Unite For Vitiligo celebrates Vitiligo Awareness Month With #RecognizeYourSuperpower

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‘Unite For Vitiligo’ is celebrating Vitiligo Awareness Month with its engagement campaign #RecognizeYourSuperpower on the web and social media. Aiming to address, discuss, and make people rise above challenges posed by the chronic skin disorder, the campaign is already creating buzz on social media.

#RecognizeYourSuperpower is an effort by Team ‘Unite For Vitiligo’ to connect with vitiligo fighters across the world to help them take charge of their lives through motivational quotes, blogs, self-help guides, and, interesting research findings.

What is Vitiligo Awareness Month?

Every June, National Vitiligo Awareness Month is observed in many parts of the world, highlighting the growing need for education, early detection and public awareness about Vitiligo. World Vitiligo Day, which falls during the awareness month is a memorial to Michael Jackson, who suffered from the skin disorder from the early 1980s until his death on June 25, 2009.

Vitiligo Awareness Month is an awareness initiative, which aims to reach to more people affected by the skin condition – directly or through a loved one.

For those who are not suffering from vitiligo, the month can be an opportunity to speed progress towards finding the elusive cure (by fundraising the vitiligo awareness events and research).

2018 will mark the 8th anniversary of World Vitiligo Day. While it’s been far too long for vitiligo fighters and their families to fight the stigma attached to vitiligo, significant scientific progress has been made in the last few decades alone – a cause of tremendous optimism. When united for a cause like World Vitiligo Month, we can do more together to improve care and advance research toward a cure.

What does #RecognizeYourSuperpower offer?

  • Knowledge articles that can help you know vitiligo through a magnifying glass. This will help you gain better control of the condition.
  • Life hacks and tips to deal with vitiligo-led challenges on a day-to-day basis.
  • A path to a worry-free mind though emotional well-being blogs.
  • Latest research studies to keep you informed about emerging vitiligo treatments.
  • Lifestyle changes to stop the progression of the chronic skin disorder.

Spread the word

Every June, ‘Unite For Vitiligo’ will engage with the global vitiligo community to support Vitiligo Awareness Month. This year, #RecognizeYourSuperpower is a call to action to urge vitiligo fighters, to refrain from indulging in self-pity. It’s a call to action to urge them to recognize their superpower and put their skills to good use.

Like Unite For Vitiligo’s Facebook page to learn some self-help hacks and be empowered by knowing more about the chronic skin disorder. Share the same with fellow vitiligo fighters, using hashtag #RecognizeYourSuperpower.

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