Practising Yoga for Vitiligo? Here’s your 5-minute Guide to Yoga Mats

Yoga helps in vitiligo

Though the exact cause of vitiligo is still unknown, sometimes, it can be triggered by emotional distress. Even if the chronic skin disorder is obtained by other reasons, it can still cause a lot of distress psychologically.

Different disciplines of Yoga teach you to handle such disturbance by concentrating on your true inner self. They bring about deep relaxation to the body thereby bringing about harmony to the immune and nervous system, hence arresting the progression of the lesions. While Asanas (postures) helps relax the painful muscles, Shavasana bring about a deep sense of rest to the overstimulated system. Similarly, Pranayama (yogic breathing control exercises) helps in calming down the mind while Dhyana (meditation) brings about inner peace and poise.

There is a reason why Yoga is emerging as a popular alternative treatment method to pause and potentially cure vitiligo. Many people have found Yoga poses effective in developing new cells and removing away the dead cells from the skin. Simultaneously, the ancient practice acts on the endocrine glands of the body, helping an individual regulate the production of the hormone.

Now that you already know why Yoga is often prescribed to people with vitiligo, it’s time to narrow our focus to another essential thing – Yoga Mat. If Yoga is your thing, Yoga Mats are the most trusted companions during practice. But, is your Yoga Mat working for you? Or was it just a quick buy, without much thought going into its selection? You may not be conscious of it, but a Yoga Mat can make a lot of difference to yoga practice.

So, if you are just about to start with your routine to tame vitiligo, here’s your 5-minute guide to Yoga Mats. Read on to make the most of your Yoga companion that can help you rise above vitiligo-induced stress.


There are a few must-haves in a Yoga Mat. It should be Lightweight, Comfortably-thick (between 1/8th of an inch and ¼ inch), Sweat-absorbent, with a Good grip, Durable and Suitable for use both at Home and Outdoors. If your current mat is missing on any or many of these pointers, it’s time to think about getting a new one.

You ask why? Well, the purpose of an ideal Yoga Mat is to make your Yoga practice more enjoyable. It should also add to your comfort, rather than hinder it. That’s why, the best mats are lightweight, absorb sweat well, give you the perfect grip for tricky postures and can be used both in the controlled environs of your home and outdoors, in a park or on a beach.


Accept it, if done right, Yoga can make you sweat more than aerobics. And where does all that perspiration go? Into your Yoga mat, of course! Make sure you clean it thoroughly, either with a wet cloth or directly under running water (read Wash Instructions on your mat carefully). Avoid procrastination and remove all the bacteria and germs on your mat on a bi-weekly basis. Remember how intimate your contact with the mat is? That’s why we can’t stress enough how important proper wash and care of your Yoga mat can be.


Most people will tell you, ‘Oh! Just roll it up and it’s done’, when you ask about storage tips for Yoga Mats. Of course, that’s the most obvious advice. But here are some thoughtful details about storing your mat. Do not roll it up too tight (keep the loop loose enough) to avoid weakening its fibers. Any place and the angle is good, but if you can, stash it inside a cupboard, horizontally (as against vertically) for increased longevity.

In the end, Yoga is about holistic healing and exercising your body inside out. A Yoga Mat in bright colors, with a superior, non-slip grip and appropriate thickness, is just the answer to all your meditation needs. Remember, if you enjoy it, even exercise becomes fun. This should be one of the reasons to take pleasure in your Yoga practice and make friends with your mat!

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