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Outshine Vitiligo with your Exquisite Taste in Fashion

summer trends for vitiligo

Many times, living with vitiligo can be a driving force behind your clothing selections. Standing in front of the mirror, your inner self may battle – “Should I wear the dress that shows my skin”, or “will I wimp out and hide beneath pants?” But, ladies? Do you really have to live and dress that way?

As long as you have vitiligo, people are going to stare. But, they will treat you the way you allow them to. If you feel nervous stepping out, they will prey on your vulnerabilities and stare even more. But, if you step out your house like a diva, they will (still) stare, but applaud you for your confidence and your exquisite taste in fashion.

Summer is, perhaps, the best time of the year when you can do so much with dresses. You can play with prints, have fun with fabrics, and chill around in so many colors. If vitiligo has kept you away from dressing up for a while, help is at hand. Read on to know the hottest, or should we say, the ‘coolest’ dresses that will help you outshine vitiligo this summer.

Flowing and Feminine

The summer season is all about wanting to feel a sense of cool breeze, with the wind blowing into your hair! Long, light, flowing dresses — pretty much with a Bohemian touch and hippie feel are cool for any summer season. They truly personify the spirit of summers — they are sunny and spirited.

Black-and-White Business

Can these two colors (individually or together) ever become a thing of the past? Definitely not! And, the fact is reaffirmed this season, too. Twisted through different textures, patterns and silhouettes, black-and-white is definitely a lot more fun.

Super Shirtdresses

Take a little bit of a shirt, and a little bit of a dress, mix it together, and voilà, you have a “Shirtdress”. It’s one of the trendiest dress styles of the season. Interestingly, Shirtdresses can look casual as well as semi-formal. All you need to do is accessorize it in the right way.

Lacy love

Dresses in delicate fabrics, especially the ethereal-looking white lace are gracing the international ramps for many reasons. The beauty with which the lace delicately unveils your beautiful vitiliginous skin is what makes this fabric both feminine and brave. A soft lace doesn’t only look really pretty, but is soft and comfortable on the skin, too.

Winnie Harlow in Red Dress
Pic Courtesy: Winnie Harlow’s Instagram Account

Sheer imagination

You can never go wrong with black. And, this summer season, it’s all about black sheer dresses. Whether it’s a full-length dress or a LBD, sheer is the way to go. A teasing, naughty style, indeed, a black sheer dress drapes your body in a very sultry and sizzling way.

So, sip some refreshing juice (or a mojito, if you’re up for one!), and enjoy the summers in your pretty, ‘cool’ dresses!

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