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6 Techniques for Self-acceptance in Vitiligo

self-acceptance in vitiligo

It could be societal conditioning or self-guilt of not adhering to a treatment that could treat your vitiligo in the initial phase, but lots of people with vitiligo develop self-hate with time. This self-hate could be complemented by low self-esteem, anxiety or depression. If one doesn’t change his/her mindset or seek a professional help, self-hate or self-guilt can be lethal. That’s why we are talking about the importance of self-acceptance in vitiligo today.

In this blog, we’ll figure out how can we be more content with constantly changing appearance, how can we not let our past appearance affect our present and how can we have a flourishing and fulfilling future with vitiligo while not being our own worst critic. Here are 6 ways that may help you with self-acceptance in vitiligo.

1. Revisit the past

The first step to self-acceptance is to reflect on your past to know that you did a great job. Think of specific scenarios when you did a great job at work, when your mum and dad told you that they were proud of you. Think of a time when you had a laugh with your friends or look back at a moment when you outshined everyone. The practice will help you realize that there’s more to you other than vitiligo. It will help you continue doing a great job and you’ll soon recognize that you are worthy to be loved by you.

2. Self-affirmation

Ask yourself what’s something that you really like about yourself? This can be anything you like: the way your hair looks in the morning, the way you swing a tennis racket, or your own smile.

Look in the mirror and say – “I love who I see.” “I am not on the path to fix my vitiligo. I am on my path to love myself.” “I’m going to be more of an accepting person of myself.” If you try these self-affirmations on daily basis, you will soon notice a positive change in you.

3. Self-expression

How we express ourselves makes us feel unique. It makes us feel like a real individual. But did you ever notice that how we express ourselves can make us love ourselves too?

Self-love is all about knowing that you specifically have something to offer like nobody else. Think of what makes you unique, something that nobody else has but you. Think about what’s that strange talent you have. Write them down and convert them into self-affirmations.

4. Don’t go after things you can’t control

Your goal in life is not to be perfect. We all have a different definition of what our lives should entail and what our lives mean, but in my experience, it’s the imperfection that’s the beautiful mess. Accept the fact that you never had and will never have control over your vitiligo. It will help you move on and achieve your dreams (which will eventually contribute to self-acceptance).

5. Don’t beat yourself up

Do not beat yourself up if you gave up a medication that could potentially cure your vitiligo. Always acknowledge the fact that at that time, you gave your hundred percent effort but something still just didn’t work out.

Remember, if you don’t have that self-compassion and self-love, if you don’t like where you are in life are, you can’t congratulate yourself and give yourself a pat on the back.

6. Have an action plan

There are problems, but more importantly, there are things we can do about them. Part of that self-acceptance is to know that you the power to solve many issues associated with vitiligo.

You may not have the power to control your appearance, but you can always learn to be indifferent to what people have to say about your vitiligo. Learn how to ignore strange stares and work on your self-esteem and confidence. This way, you will not only feel empowered but also be happy to know that you had the power to solve your problem, which will contribute to self-acceptance as well as self-love in vitiligo.

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