Woman with Vitiligo to run High-Speed Trains in India

Train driver with vitiligo

Slowly, but steadily we are inching toward a world where women are no more inferior to man. But, when women with vitiligo are tasked to challenge society’s norms and embrace a profession that involves every day dealing with the public, it gets a little tricky.

Countless women with vitiligo in many parts of the world, including India, are conditioned to think that they can’t achieve half of their dreams just because they have asymmetrical white patches across their body. That’s not it; these women have to fight their inner demon too – social anxiety and cautiousness instilled by the chronic skin disorder. Thankfully, Indore’s Vineeta Sisodia is rubbishing all these preconceived notions and emerging as an inspiration for young girls with vitiligo.

Vineeta is the first Indian woman with vitiligo to run high-speed trains as well as the first woman from Indore to be a loco pilot. The role of a Loco Pilot (LP) is very important to Indian Railways. A Loco Pilot should maintain attention for long hours and must be able to respond quickly. An LP should look after various responsibilities related to sending signals, ensuring the proper running of the loco and reporting minor repairing. Recently, Vineeta has started her training for the same role. After finishing the training, she will be able to run high-speed trains to significant Indian railways destinations like Ujjain, Bhopal, and Ratlam.

Vineeta Sisodia vitiligo

Just like many vitiligo fighters, Vineeta’s journey hasn’t been easy. She had to face some obstacles along the way, but she remained focused on her target. Vineeta’s father is a cushion maker while mom is a housewife. Understandably, her financial background wasn’t very strong. Some financial difficulties made Vineeta drop her studies for two years. She started tutoring kids to earn some money. It was her hard work and determination, which empowered Vineeta to aid her brother to complete his Bachelor of Pharmacy degree.

Vineeta always had a wish to do something different, which led her to explore a career in loco piloting. Throughout this journey, Vineeta’s father stood by her and made her believe that she can fulfill any dream she sets her eyes on. Boy, didn’t she prove her father right?

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