Become a Criminal Investigator with these Must-Read Crime Fiction Books

crime fiction books

If read to escape vitiligo-led stress, then there’s nothing better than a gripping crime fiction novel. This book genre can keep you turning the pages late into the night whether you’re reading a detective story or chilling murder mystery.

So, if you are looking for a good crime fiction novel to sink your teeth into, here are our suggestions.

1. THE AFFAIR by Lee Child

That iconic ex-military sniper who goes by the name Jack Reacher is back in this terrific new ‘bite-your-nails-off’ variety of novel by Lee Child. Set in the backdrop of a murder on a railroad track deep inside Mississippi, Reacher suspects the involvement of a soldier from a nearby military base. When he realises that someone in Washington wants to cover up the truth, he digs in his heels and gets ready for the long haul, Reacher-style!

2. THE FATAL TOUCH by Conor Fitzgerald

A super-exciting interface between the deadly La Cosa Nostra, corrupt Carabinieri (military police) and flailing Italian police, Conor Fitzgerald takes you through the cobbled streets of Rome, hot on the heels of Alec Blume, an American. There’s a dead art forger, plenty of glamorous art and culture (it’s set in Rome, remember?) and the right doses of edge-of-the-seat thrill. Who wants to make that trip to Italy now?

3. THE DEVOTION OF SUSPECT X by Keigo Higashino

To protect her daughter, a single mother murders her abusive ex-husband. In her attempt to cover up the crime, she gets help from unlikely quarters – a neighbour who is also a maths wizard. In this anti-Sherlock Holmes of a novel, Keigo Higashino builds up the plot brilliantly, as the ‘helpful’ neighbour races against time to throw off track Detective Kusangi and Doctor Yukawa, both determined to find out the truth.

4. LAST CHANCE TO DIE by Noah Boyd

When ex-FBI agent Steve Vail visits Kate Bannon, Assistant Director of the FBI, on New Year’s Eve in Washington, D.C., he abruptly finds himself knee-deep in a very unusual case. An intelligence officer at the Russian Embassy, a man known simply as Calculus, approaches the FBI with a list of Americans who are supplying confidential government information to the KGB. Soon, though, as Calculus is suddenly recalled to Moscow, the FBI suspects the worst and sends Vail on his trail. If you have ever wondered who is tougher, from among Jack Reacher and Steve Vail, this book might just answer that question!

5. GAME OF MIRRORS by Andrea Camilleri

In his 18th outing, Inspector Montalbano returns to find two bombs exploding outside empty warehouses and his stunning neighbour Liliana Lombardo seducing him over red wine. Fearful that he is being manipulated from all sides, Montalbano suddenly finds himself as the prime suspect in a crime! Andrea Camilleri, now over 85 years old, works his magic yet again, with this novel.

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