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8 Books that can change any vitiligo fighter’s life

books that can motivate vitiligo patients

A vitiligo fighter has to be self-inspired to fight strange stares and low self esteem.  But, sometimes to be self-motivated, you may need either a gentle push or some words of wisdom. If you are a book lover, the best way to keep yourself stimulated is to find a book that can influence and inspire you. Luckily, we have many inspiring stories in the form of biographies or autobiographies. All of the great achievers have had noteworthy life changing events and moments in their respective lives. Reading about them could motivate, encourage, and amaze us all.

Emphasizing the power of positive attitude, here are 8 books that can help you live your life to the fullest, even with vitiligo.

1 | My Experiments With Truth

Autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi, My Experiments With Truth covers major incidents of Bapu’s early boyhood, legal studies, his experiments with Satyagrah and his transformation from Mohan to Mahatma. A source of utter inspiration and motivation, this book will teach you to live a life without any of the tangible needs.

Featuring a description of Gandhi’s way of life and significant historical and political incidents of India’s freedom movement, the autobiography is a forthright and modest account that accentuates the moral and spiritual side of an extraordinary leader. Away from any claim to being a diviner or having heroic powers, Gadhi measured himself as an average man with average abilities. Frequently rated as number one autobiography to read, this is a must-read.

2 | The Diary of a Young Girl

The list of life changing autobiographies is incomplete without Anne Franke’s ‘The Diary of a Young Girl’. A painful reminder of the horrors of the Holocaust, it’s a moving testament to the human spirit. Anne wrote this book at the age of 13 in the year 1942 while hiding in a ‘Secret Annexe’ of an old office building. Anne’s extraordinary autobiography offers her insights and fascinating observations on human courage which turned it into a timeless classic.

3 | The Autobiography of Malcolm X

‘The Autobiography of Malcolm X’ presents a beautiful account of American culture and the struggle of an African American for social and economic equality. Originally published in 1965, the book is the collaboration between human rights activist Malcolm X and journalist Alex Haley. The book not only inspires you, but also helps you develop a sense of self-motivation whenever you feel devastated at any stage of life.

4 | Long Walk to Freedom

We all have some goals in life. However, often a time comes when we feel demotivated or shattered by our failures. This is the point when we need a role model, someone to take inspiration from and someone who can guide and motivate us to continue our journey. Nelson Mandela is one such man.

Long Walk to Freedom, tells the extraordinary story of one of the history’s greatest figures. The invigorating autobiography is a story of an epic struggle, renewed hope, and ultimate triumph.

5 | Losing my virginity

The founder of Virgin companies, Richard Branson has penned down his life in Losing My Virginity. This influential story can motivate you to overcome vitiligo-led fears. The book shows how Branson despite dyslexia became one of the great businessmen and proved that the customary way is not the only way. This book can teach you “if you have a will, you can always rise above challenges posed by the chronic skin disorder and emerge as a winner”.

6 | Wings of Fire

Published in the year 2000, the autobiographical novel documents the personal and professional struggles of the renowned scientist and India’s 11th President, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Covering his early life and his work at ISRO, it’s an interesting book that inspires the readers to ignite the fire within them. It will make you realize that nothing is impossible if you have passion and firm determination.

7 | Open: An Autobiography

A delicacy for zealous fans, Andre Agassi’s Open: An Autobiography can also mesmerize readers who know nothing about tennis. The book explores the human side of an athlete who has set new standards for elegance, style, momentum, and authority.

8 | Steve Jobs

Is it required to introduce Steve Jobs? Certainly not! His Biography Steve Jobs written by Walter Isaacson, reports all the ups and downs of the passionate entrepreneur’s life who revolutionized the IT industry. This book provides the extraordinary account of Job’s personal and professional life that touched hundreds and thousands of lives.

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