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How to Disappear Completely – A Vitiligo Themed Book for Kids 

How to Disappear Completely

When we think back to childhood, we remember campfire stories, those innocent bedtime stories, stories that were whispered in years, and stories that were told to us as a family tradition. What we often see missing in these childhood stories is vitiligo’s underrepresentation. Thankfully that is changing as now we have award-winning authors such as Ali Standish fictionalizing stories that put vitiligo as their central theme. 

When BOOKLIST called Ali Standish’s new book – How to Disappear Completely – “an absorbing story of loss, identity, and human connections, a rewarding realistic novel, illuminated by magical elements,” we got really interested in knowing more. Soon, we learned that book is about Emma who discovered her first white spot at her grandmother’s funeral, who had been her best friend as well. Emma has vitiligo, which in this case was triggered by stress. 

Creating a large multigenerational character, Ali knitted a beautiful story of loss, identity, and human connections. A rewarding, realistic novel that is illuminated by magical elements, How to Disappear Completely seamlessly blends childhood wonder with the slow lessons of maturityThe book succeeds in celebrating curiosity, thoughtfulness, and collaboration. 

The book is for everyone, the ones with vitiligo or the ones who don’t know what it is. We believe that acquainting kids with topics like vitiligo is essential in making them more tolerant toward others’ visual differences – something we all should celebrate, not discriminate against. This is one of the reasons why the book is being loved by everyone. While writing about it, Publishers Weekly called How to Disappear Completely “a successful blend of mystery and friendship drama.” We understand why everybody calling the book a gentle, contemporary title that is sure to strike a chord.

About the author: Ali Standish is a critically acclaimed author whose literary work involves books like The Ethan I Was Before, August Isle, and Bad Bella. Ali grew up in North Carolina and has spent many years in Washington, DC for education. She has an MFA in children’s writing from Hollins University. Ali also holds an MPhil degree in children’s literature from the University of Cambridge, something that helps her write the best books for kids. She lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, with her family that includes her husband and two rescue dogs.

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