5 Evergreen Must-Have Ear Jewellery Designs

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When it comes to ear jewelry, there’s nothing like too much of it! The discerning divas know that quality and craftsmanship score over quantity and hoarding. These fashionistas follow fashion trends and keep in step with change, but also have a few evergreen designs in their jewelry box, for those special occasions and when dressing up in a hurry.


Such a simple design and still it works for all face types and on most occasions. Perfected over time and available in a mind-boggling variety of materials and sizes, you get it right each time you step out with a pair of hoop earrings. Oversized ones in gold and silver work best for the mature woman, while smaller ones, studded with diamonds, are perfect for teenage fashion busybodies.


When you go to the designer jewelry shop, and mention ‘stud earrings’, you’ll most likely be shown a plethora of diamond earrings that are just the perfect size to fit your earlobe. Well, stud earrings are more than just that. In an assortment of geometric designs and a wide range of materials, studs are definitely one piece of jewelry you are incomplete without.


Among the most elegant designs of all time, teardrop earrings offer tremendous scope for creativity and are a hit with jewelry aficionados. Some also call the design ‘paisley’ or ‘mango-inspired,’ though it hardly matters what name you give it. The small cluster of gems at the top, and a larger, teardrop/paisley shape at the bottom, is a timeless piece of artistry in gems and metallic goodness. If you don’t have it, you are missing out on a classic possession.

Animal Motif

Owl, peacock, butterfly, dolphin, bunny rabbit, kittens and a whole lot of other animal-themed earrings now add greatly to your style quotient. Perfect for tweens, teens, and the young-at-heart, don a pair and see how you can make a point about caring for the natural world and still look fetching. Grab a pair today!


One of the most popular earring designs worn in India is the Jhumki. The Jhumki motif has been around forever yet never seems to get monotonous. Pair it with traditional clothes to add volumes of old world charm on your evening out. Available in a metallic body, with dangling precious and semi-precious stones and an outline of miniature pearls, this is a must-have!

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