4 Poems That Will Motivate You to Thrive With Vitiligo

Vitiligo on Hands

Kinjal Sanghavi, a poetess with vitiligo, has been writing poems based on her personal experience of living with the skin condition. 

I didn’t quit

The path was harsh;

The people started calling me trash;

But, I didn’t quit.

The hardships were increasing;

The struggle became suffocating;

But, I didn’t quit.

The frustration was at its peak;

The confidence was weak;

The negativity trapped me in its trick;

But, I didn’t quit.

Many times I thought to leave the battle;

As I would often tumble;

And no one was to help me to fix that crumble;

But, I didn’t quit.

To achieve my goal became my rage;

To remain determined towards it became my craze;

So, I didn’t quit.

It took time but my patience paid off;

It took time but my perseverance paid off;

And therefore, no one should quit. 


I am doing great 

To all the forceful smiles

To all the demotivating voices

To all the zooming eyes

I still love my life.

To all the unpleasant whispers

To all the hesitating hands

To all the shrink hearts

I still enjoy my life.

To all the toxic minds

To all the unwanted advice

To all the cold hugs

I still feel content.

To all the weird expressions

To all the sadistic pleasures 

To all the biased behaviors

I still love myself.

I am no longer bothered about their vision

I am no longer bothered about their statements


I have embraced my beautiful new skin;

and I am doing great!  


The changes I made 

When anyone used to stare at me,

I would feel shy;

But now with confidence,

I stare back at them. 

When anyone used to make fun of my white patches,

I would secretly cry at night;

But now with sarcasm,

I give them a befitting reply. 

When anyone used to ignore me coz of my appearance

I would curse my destiny;

But now with swag,

I don’t pay heed to them.

When anyone used to upset me with weird questions,

I would feel very awkward;

But now with courage,

I just brush them off.

These changes have helped me

To become a strong person

To extract happiness from my life

And to experience peace of mind. 


Don’t underestimate yourself 

You have the talent;

Rejection should not discourage you;

You have the confidence;

Negativity should not bother you. 

You have the grit;

Failure should not break you. 

You have the ability, 

A virus of comparison should not infect you. 

Don’t underestimate your worth coz of your tough present;

Just believe in yourself.

Coz one day, your patience will pay off;

And your hard work will earn you success. 

About Poetess: Kinjal Sanghavi was diagnosed with vitiligo during her tender years in school. You can read her account of coming out strong after years of feeling ugly due to her vitiligo.

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