Christmas Special: Quick Tips to make your home feel festive

Christmas décor for home

Christmas is just around the corner! The season of joy is not just about a day but a line of fun activities for so many days. From planning the Christmas party at home to giving the décor a rustic look, the holiday season calls for creativity. It’s the time to be with your loved ones and enjoy the togetherness.

On a special occasion like this, many of us prefer to give our house rustic feels, while some go with the all-time favorite red-and-white theme. Whatever you choose your house to look like, these quick décor tips and tricks will come in handy.

Old window frames for some fun: Old window frames fit in every frame and play a major part in giving a twist to your home décor the way you want.

Paint an old window frame in white and create a calendar on it with small paper or fabric hangings. For each day, you can have different motifs like a tiny Christmas tree, reindeer, mistletoe, or bows.

Old glass jars and containers for the rustic look: Time to bring out old and unused glass jars & containers and put colorful and floating candles inside them. For better effects, you can paste twines around the jars or paint the jars from outside.

Finally, some DIY Christmas fun: Trust us; all you need for this Christmas is a yard of burlap fabric and twines to make Christmas stockings. These burlap fabric stockings are easy to make, as all you need is an urge to try hands at something new. You can put them on the main door to welcome candies.

Pine cones or mystic seeds can allow you to experiment and re-create something new every time. You can paint them in golden, green or white to match the décor. Use them at different places as noteworthy decorative fillers. You can either hang pine cones in different colors from one string or make a wreath out of many pines and place it on the front door.

Symbolizing growth and the ever-going life, the wreath can give a finishing touch to your Christmas decoration. This is a versatile decorative item that can be used both indoors and outdoors as a wall for hanging as a tabletop. You can make wreaths out of anything, be it paper, pine needles, burlap fabrics, shiny mercury balls, or even fresh flowers.

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