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Fashion as per Zodiac Sign

Our zodiac signs do not just rule our behavioral patterns, but also our personal style. It is time to channel zodiac-based ruling colors and style tips to our advantage. We have listed down style tips for all the twelve zodiac signs below. Enjoy!


Winning Color: Red is your ruling color. It adds a lot of power to your personality.

Style: You are a confident woman and you never shy away from trying out different styles. Try out new trends and interpret them in your own way. Experiment with geometric patterns and go for well-tailored cuts and necklines.

Stylish Aries: Victoria Beckham, Emma Watson


Winning Color: All shades of blue or neutral tones.

Style: Your style is always on point and your penchant for quality is remarkable. You like to wear comfy and casual clothes that make you look elegant. Give layered clothing a try this season. Invest in timeless pieces.

Stylish Taureans: Miranda Kerr


Winning Color: Bright sorbet colors like magenta and orange.

Style: Your dressing sense is edgy and eclectic. You are always seen trying out different styles. Hence, your wardrobe has different stories to tell. Invest in a classic trench this season and balance your appearance with statement jewelry.

Stylish Geminis: Angelina Jolie


Winning Color: Soft hues of lavender, white and silver.

Style: You shy away from taking risks when it comes to your outfits. You like working with classing and staple silhouettes that enhance your feminine grace. So, go for a well-tailored pantsuit this season.

Stylish Cancers: Katrina Kaif, Selena Gomez


Winning Color: Bold hues and colors like gold, bronze, and burnt orange

Style: Your fashion statement always grabs everybody’s attention. Your style oozes drama, fashion, and luxury. Go for high slit maxi skirts and risque gowns this time.

Stylish Leos: Cara Delvingne


Winning Color: Black and White

Style: You always look balanced and polish. Keep working with your winning black and white combo in different patterns and silhouettes. Think stripes or plaid.

Stylish Virgos: Blake Lively


Winning Color: Champagne colors and grays

Style: You are the most tasteful and sophisticated woman around town. Your style reflects your feminine charm. Work your charm with satin, lace or silk.

Stylish Libran: Kate Winslet


Winning Color: Black and Burgundy

Style: Your intuitive and sensual dressing sense makes you a clear winner. You like to flaunt and accentuate your curves using well-tailored silhouettes. Keep up with your mysterious self with a black sheer shirt or a plunging neckline dress.

Stylish Scorpios: Katy Perry


Winning Color: Sapphire Blue, Amethyst Purple.

Style: You love to have your style game on point but you always choose comfort first. You like easy and effortless dressing. Invest in a good pair of boyfriends jeans and bold prints.

Stylish Sagittarians: Taylor Swift


Winning Color: Indigo and Violet.

Style: Your style is effortless and hassle-free. You choose to work glamorous outfits in a subtle way. It is time for you to try vintage clothing. Velvet dresses or cashmere coats will amp up your style quotient.

Stylish Capricons: Kate Moss


Winning Color: Turquoise and Red.

Style: You like having fun while dressing up. The unconventional dressing is your style mantra. Futuristic styles are definitely your pick. Be sure to dazzle wherever you go.

Stylish Aquarians: Emma Roberts


Winning Color: Pastels like lavender and teal.

Style: You weave a dream-like romance with your innate sense of style. Go for a hint of shimmer in your outfit and don’t forget to buy a lot of dresses!

Stylish Pisces: Rihanna, Kesha

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