Kill ’em with Style! Here are 5 Must-Have Blazers

Kyra Furlong

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Blazer is one versatile piece of clothing that instantly screams uptown chic and polishes your whole outfit to a new level of elegance. Toss up a well-tailored blazer over just anything and voila, you got perfect outerwear for every occasion. So check out our best picks for five must-have (absolutely!) blazers to help you look best in your element.

1. Over-sized blazer

A boyfriend blazer, as we also call it, is a statement trend and a spot on! Taking cues from the 80s baggy blazer, they evolved into unconventional boyfriend blazers to lend you a completely modern and edgy look. While buying, look for one that has fitted shoulders but rest of the blazer is loose and longer than the usual. Throw it over a fitted tee, roll up the sleeves and leave the jacket open for a casual day look.

2. White blazer

A signature wardrobe staple that will rock your whole outfit! Whether you are dressing for a boardroom meeting or an evening date, this will channel the classy and luxe air to your attire. Choose a white blazer with rich fabric and classic cut and wear it with just anything. For a rocker chic look, pair it with leather skinnies or skirt. Wear it with boyfriend jeans and graphic cropped tee for a casual look. However, the way you wear it, a classy white blazer will be a timeless piece and your best investment.

3. Classic Blazer

A classic blazer in black or navy is something every career girl should have in her wardrobe. Make sure that it fits right below the arms and ends just below the waistband. They go well in formal situations and complement trousers as well as skirts equally. A well-fitted blazer in black is sophistication in itself and investing in the right one will be well worth it.

4. Cropped Blazer

A cropped blazer is a flattering one for a slender body type that ends just about the waist area or little higher. It goes perfectly with a high-waisted skirt or wide-leg pants. While buying, look for one that just hits your waistline. A cropped blazer with round hemline makes for a perfect fashion statement when worn over a high waist slit skirt or culottes.

5. Sleeveless blazer

Sleeveless longline blazers are a major hit for their effortless and stylish look. These ones are usually longer, ideally above the knees with an open front. Waterfall crepe blazers have been taking the rounds in fashion for their edgy design and catchy prints. The one with Aztec or abstract print will look overly-glamorous and transform any ensemble into high-end voguish. Plain or printed, pick one according to your taste and be a head turner.

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