Accessorize your Short Hair with Aplomb

D'Yonna Riley

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So, when you decided to get your hair cut short, did you think it was the end of your love affair with oh-so-gorgeous hair accessories? Well, think again, because short hair does not mean goodbye to colorful fascinators, attractive headbands and eye-catching barrettes. From hair combs to graceful feather clips to bobby pins, there are choices aplenty. Just remember, ‘less is more’!


Fascinators are dramatic hair pieces that are usually worn above one ear or angled slightly toward the back of the head. A popular alternative to elaborate, bulky hats during weddings, they should be the right size to work on short hairdos. Many fascinators, true to their name, incorporate into their design dainty silk flowers, pretty feathers, netting, jewels, and luxurious fabric.

Bobby Pins

Bobby Pins became popular several decades ago and have kept up their home run despite the passage of time. These double-pronged hair pins slide easily into hair and add panache to the hairdo. Earlier, they may have been available in monochromatic shades but of late, bobby pin styles have got bolder. Now, you have all kinds of design add-ons, from blossoming flowers to dainty feathers, to choose from!


A headband is an easiest and chicest way to add definition to your hair. It creates a ‘halo’ effect on the crown of the head and accentuates your hairdo. A headband 2 inches wide works perfectly for very short length hair. For slightly-longer styles, wider bands are great. Take your pick from bejeweled, floral, satin, metallic and bow-shaped ones.


Barrettes are to hair what brooches are to evening wear. No other hair accessory can lay claim to holding hair up with such aplomb as a barrette. Those with a good grip or rubber traction are the best bet for short length hair. Wear them just above the curve of the eye for the most dramatic impression. Choose from diamante, paisley, rose, butterfly and leaf patterns. Or go all out and get one in an elaborate ‘bouquet’ style!

Hair Wreaths

And if there’s one hair accessory that is perfect for all styles and lengths of hair, especially for short hair, it is hair wreaths. With a simple, elegant and evergreen design, wreaths are available in myriad patterns, all of them gorgeous, all of them complementing your hairdo with élan. Go ahead, indulge in your hair’s content!

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