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Dating with Vitiligo – Approaching a Stranger

vitiligo and dating

It is no secret that conversations are what keeps the world spinning and by improving your conversation skills you can get what you really want out of life. Every conversation that has ever occurred consists of three phases. These are the start, middle and the end of the conversation. The goal is to flow smoothly through all three stages. However, the phase that most vitiligo fighters have trouble with is starting a conversation because they just don’t know what to say when they approach a stranger for a date.

The good news is that some simple tips can help you to start a conversation, keeping all vitiligo worries at bay.

Observe their body language

If you’re planning to start conversations with a stranger, you need to be able to read his/her body language. Why? It’s a good idea to avoid people who apparently don’t want to talk to you. Every second, every person on the planet is broadcasting a piece of information about what they’re thinking, and you can literally read someone’s mind just by reading their body language.

To start a conversation with someone, you should check if they’re broadcasting the body language signals for openness or boredom. The most common signs of boredom are nervously tapping a foot or a finger, yawning or continually looking around in different directions. On the other hand, a few of the most common signals for open body language are open arms, open legs, relaxed, loose clothing, and toes pointing forward. Now we’ll get into what to say to get started.

Don’t ask dead-end questions

Something that you never want to do when you’re trying to start a conversation with someone is asking a dead-end question (any question that allows the person to answer with a yes or no). A great way to start the conversation is with open-ended questions – the questions about the person’s interest or contextual things around the two of you. For example, if you see someone reading a book that you know about, ask him/her if he/she has ever read a similar book that you’ve read.

Decode interests

One of the best ways to start a conversation with strangers is to decode their interests. To know their interests, you just need to pay attention to where they’re at. For example, it is safe to assume that anyone in a gym probably has an interest in fitness and the people you’d find in a skateboard shop probably will have an interest in all of the different types of gear available to skateboarders. Ideally, you should already know what your main interests are and the best place to start conversations with strangers is in a place where your interests are like the other person’s.

Project confidence

It is vital to stand or sit upright, walk with wide steps, and maintain proper eye contact while approaching a stranger for a date. Do not fidget or keep a strong dominant gaze. Simple eye contact can make a girl/guy melt for you and build instant attraction. Confident body language also involves open gestures, so no folding your arms or crossing your legs. Simply position your body in an upright posture and think about how you feel in your mind. Speaking with a strong, steady voice can also make you feel more confident while approaching a stranger for a date.

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