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Dating with Vitiligo – 4 First Date Conversation Tips

vitiligo first date

No matter how much we deny it, but many vitiligo fighters associate their self-worth with their relationship, which only makes it crucial for their first date to go well. Rejection after a first date can hurt an individual even more and contribute to low self-esteem in vitiligo. Did we scare you? Worry not.

Before you start dating, begin to find the beauty in your skin slowly. By doing so, you will be more confident and proud before your first date. Also, make use of below-mentioned tips to make sure that you take things forward after a fruitful first date.

1. Build rapport

Studies have shown that we humans prefer things that are familiar, and we actively avoid things that are unfamiliar. So, on your first date, do not try too much to stand out (we hate to say it, but your vitiligo is already doing that for you, physically).

The most effective way to quickly establish rapport with someone is to do it on the subconscious level. So, partially mimic your date’s voice tone, pitch, and body language. Always do it just a tiny bit different than the other person. As a result, your date’s brain will subconsciously establish rapport with you, which will create feelings of comfort and familiarity and this is an essential part of starting any conversation.

2. Don’t ask dead-end questions

Something that you never want to do is asking a dead-end question. Such questions can allow the other person to answer your question with a yes or no and end what could be a fruitful discussion. Start the conversation with open-ended questions. These questions can be about your date’s interest or contextual things around the two of you.

3. Be confident

Your state of mind is nothing more than a feedback loop. If you act awkward around someone, it instantly makes them feel and act awkward around you. This is the same reason why many positive people make other people feel positive while negative people make everyone around them think negative. Approach your first date with confidence, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised when the other person will respond with confidence.

We understand that vitiligo can hamper anyone’s self-confidence on a date night. So, you can literally fake it until you make it. According to studies, your mind affects your body language and your body language affects your mind. This means that whenever you force your body to displace signals of confidence, your brain literally begins to believe that you’re a confident individual. This will only help you keep the conversation going.

4. Play on his/her needs

It’s not a secret that many vitiligo fighters have some social anxiety issues. If you find yourself scaring your date away with self-consciousness and looking tensed, shift your focus to the conversation.

All humans have a fundamental psychological need to feel important, and one of the best ways to start a conversation with your date is to ask him/her for help on a subject that he/she is knowledgeable about and interested in. When you ask someone for advice about something they’re passionate about and knowledgeable in, it fulfills their need to feel important.

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