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Book Review | A No-Nonsense Guide To Vitiligo

A No-Nonsense Guide To Vitiligo

What does everyone need to know about vitiligo? Yan Valle’s answers to the most difficult questions associated with the chronic skin condition make A No-Nonsense Guide To Vitiligo a great resource for the vitiligo community.

I have been reading, and exploring about vitiligo for years, yet when I started reading this book, I couldn’t stop regretting why didn’t I read it when I was craving to be more comfortable in my own skin. The book could have saved me much of the worry, trauma, distress and all running from one research to another to make sense of it. Here are a few reasons why you should read A No-Nonsense Guide To Vitiligo:

1. Based on the author’s own experiences

The author of the book, Yan Valle is a vitiligo fighter and CEO of Vitiligo Research Foundation. The book is based on his years of research and practical experience with the chronic skin disorder (Yan was diagnosed with vitiligo when he was 6). It is understood that Yan, too, has gone through misdiagnosis, years of mistreatment, self-prescription, and self-medication. He understands the social, medical and psychological burden of living with vitiligo. This book is an insightful journey from a vitiligo fighter’s perspective.

2. Easy to understand

It is not always easy to treat vitiligo. No single therapy is clearly proven effective. In the book, Yan guides you through symptoms, and medical jargon. He reveals what you really need to know and what you must avoid. Real-life examples are used to illustrate different vitiligo treatment scenarios that can help readers in relation to treatment, management and what to do after a vitiligo diagnosis.

3. Comprehensive

A No-Nonsense Guide To Vitiligo is a well-referenced book. Yan uniquely combines the hard-won knowledge of traditional medicine with the new scientific research. It contains lesser-known facts about vitiligo and its connection with other autoimmune diseases, daily stress and environmental factors. The book guides you through symptoms, possible triggers and common products that you must avoid.

4. Helpful

The author doesn’t just give you options to treat your vitiligo but makes sensible suggestions. The book lets you know your treatment options, their efficacy, and possible side-effects. The author cuts through all the clutter surrounding vitiligo, debunk some common vitiligo myths, and reveal what all you need to know to manage vitiligo with minimal effort.

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