5 Tricks to Look Taller, even without Heels

Tricks to look taller

Pic Courtesy: Winnie Harlow's Instagram Account

Who doesn’t like to look tall? I remember us, friends, trying to outdo each other by measuring and comparing heights every day in school. It continues to be considered a good personality trait, but of course, not everyone can be as tall. But all those vertically challenged cuties out there, fret not. I have some serious style hacks that will make you look taller and that too without torturing your feet with high heels. Styling becomes a little selective if you have a short frame for fear of overwhelming your tiny frame in some silhouette that is meant for taller people. So, let me show you how to pick and style your clothes without compromising on the latest runway trends.

1. Tailored Fit

Wear clothes that fit so good that your curves are deservingly accentuated. Sharp fitted, and well-tailored clothes enhance your form and define your body hence giving a vertical illusion of height. Even if you layer and wear something loose as upper wear, wear structured clothing beneath and stay defined. Boxy clothes are a strict no-no.

2. Go High Waist

From High waisted jeans to trousers, skirts, and shorts, high waists are good for short gals. They elongate your legs and make your torso look short. When you create an illusion of two body blocks with longer legs, you actually end up looking leggy and tall. Play with this trend, and it shall surely add a distinct charm to your outlook. The overall look is very balanced and lean.

3. Avoid Big Prints

Prints are one vivid trend that refuses to die down, and we couldn’t be gladder but if you want to look tall then go for small motifs on prints as big, bold patterns can overwhelm your small frame. Go for vertical prints, stripes or V-shaped patterns. They will elongate your form and flatter pleasantly.

4. Solid monochromatic patterns

Wearing a monochromatic pattern will also help create a long visual line, thus giving the illusion of height. A single color that covers you from head to toe would inevitably draw a vertical line and give you that much needed extra length. Co-ords in same color and print, monochromes, etc. are just right for you.

5. Tucked In Tees and Shirts!

A tucked in shirt or tee will definitely make you look more structured and less frumpy as compared to a casually thrown over a tee. Tees are meant to look relaxed and, but sometimes it’s better to add clarity to them as well, especially when they will help you grow tall!

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