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4 Ways Vitiligo Fighters should deal with Rejections

rejection in vitiligo

Have you ever been rejected? If you’re honest with yourself, you would say yes because at one point every vitiligo fighter has been rejected for one thing or another. In fact, the main reason why many vitiligo fighters are afraid to ask someone out is that they’re scared of rejection. While everyone is getting out there, making friends or socializing, the pain of previous rejections can make you hesitant to find love and achieve financial success.

The major problem that prevents vitiligo fighters from overcoming rejection is caring too much about the opinions of others. It’s almost like a vicious cycle. When someone tells you that you cannot do well in life due to your vitiligo, you start internalizing it. Your self-doubt kicks in. You start asking yourself, “maybe I really can’t make a living in modeling because I have vitiligo”; “maybe I really don’t have what it takes to achieve my dreams”; “maybe I don’t have it in me to become an actress or basketball player.

As hard as it is to believe, you can do away from all the pain and negativity by analyzing your own psychology. Here are 4 ways that can help you overcome rejection and live happier with vitiligo.

1. Stop putting weight on others’ opinions.

To overcome rejection, you have to understand that most people’s negative opinions are based on nothing more than insecurity, fear, jealousy, or lack of experience. You might never know which one it is, but you don’t need to internalize them. The closer you are to achieving what you set out to do, the more hate and negative opinions you’ll receive from others. With this deep understanding, it’s much easier to shrug off the views because they mean nothing to you.

2. Consider rejection a bridge to everything you could ever want in life.

Unless you get really lucky, you must always pass over the bridge of rejection to get what you want. The bigger the reward, the higher the rejection you’ll face. It is part of the learning process. You fall and then you get back up again. It was Humphrey Davy who said, “My most important discoveries were suggested to me by my failures.”

3. Believe in yourself

Of course, rejection hurts, but the pain is only temporary. Never allow it to shake your belief in yourself. If you never revisit what you failed to accomplish, you’ll live with regret forever. Whatever your goals or dreams are never let the fear of others causes you to doubt yourself.

4. Realize that rejection is just a lesson.

Each time you fall and get back up again, you’re a little bit wiser, a little bit smarter, and a little bit more confident. So, every time you get rejected, learn from it. See what you can do better. Ask people who’ve achieved something incredible in their lifetime and, they will tell you: “the person who wins is the person who fails.”

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