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5 New Year Resolutions to help you live well with Vitiligo

New Year Resolution for Vitiligo

At one time, you might have been very excited about welcoming New Year and noting down your resolutions. But, with your appearance changing drastically, such planning may feel like the waste of energy and time. Despite the fact that vitiligo fighters have a hard time predicting how the chronic skin disorder will limit their abilities, there are no reasons to abandon the idea of having resolutions as the calendar flips a digit.

Sticking to New Year resolutions can be tough, but picking a beneficial resolution can lead to significant improvements in your health and quality of life. Here are 5 resolutions that might just be possible and best-suited for vitiligo fighters. All you need is discipline, encouragement and the support from your loved ones to stick to them.

1. Exercising daily

Many studies suggest that exercising regularly can improve your mood. In fact, many experts even say that moderate exercising can slow the progression of vitiligo. Learning how to make time to exercise every day will sort your priorities in the right order. If vitiligo made you quit gym, you can start workouting out at home.

If you enjoy slow flowing methodical movements, then tai chi is the exercise for you. If you enjoy walking around the park, then that is the right activity for you. As long as the physical activity is enjoyable and allows you to live better with vitiligo, it is the right pick.

2. Taking a break

If that 5km jog you planned to do before work every morning seems like a lot of work, resolve to get out of breath every day (in a healthy way). Walk the dog, try non-contact boxing or dance. The idea is having fun and taking a break from usual routine.

3. Smiling everyday

As confirmed by studies, smiling (even if you don’t feel like it) can help you ease stress, regulate your immune system and trigger the release of happiness hormone – endorphins.

4. Having an adventure (no matter how small)

Vitiligo will try to make your life monotonous. But, it’s you who will have to bounce back. Having a little adventure once in a while will help you do that.

If you don’t feel like bungee jumping or skydiving, go against the norms of your home or workplace. Cook something completely new and outside your comfort zone for dinner (yet vitiligo-friendly) or get tickets to a play you would never watch. Post finishing these small adventures, you may remember how much you hated all those things once. This will enable you to return to your daily life with the satisfaction of trying something new.

5. Falling in love with yourself

Staying positive in vitiligo is not a cakewalk. There will be days when giving up would seem more comfortable. Change in your appearance may make you start listening to your doubt, fear, and self-limiting beliefs. Remember, how you live and spend each day makes all the difference. Self-love will open you up to winning your battle against vitiligo.

Stop taking your health for granted. Pay attention to the effects that the foods you eat do have on your body. Spending more time with loved ones (friends, family or people you met in a vitiligo support group) should also help you fall in love with you.

There are always roadblocks on the path to fulfillment, but certain motivating content can help you overcome those barriers and make you learn lessons from your vitiligo. Always remember, you are the only one of YOU in this world. And, that should be enough to make you smile.

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