Vitiligo in News – May 2021

May 2021 was probably the most active month from the vitiligo research perceptive. But all research conducted during the month didn’t have positive outcomes.

The month before we didn’t hear great news when an American Academy of Dermatology’s Virtual Meeting Experience 2021 (held online from April 23 to 25) hinted that many patients with vitiligo may have more metabolic disturbances compared with patients without the acquired pigmentary skin disorder. This month, an Egyptian study had not-so-good news to share either.

As per the findings of a recent case-control study published in the journal Clinical and Experimental Dermatology, vitiligo can be linked with impairment of melanocyte function organs other than the skin, including the eyes and ears. This indicates that vitiligo may be related to ocular abnormalities as well as hearing loss because of an association of the function of auditory melanocytes with the hearing process.

The case-control study was concluded by Rasha Genedy, Department of Dermatology and Venereology, Alexandria University, Egypt. The study aimed to study the association of vitiligo with ocular and auditory abnormalities. Before the study, vitiligo has been only linked to the destruction of functional melanocytes in the skin. This destruction can target melanocytes anywhere in the body, in turn affecting the function of the organs in which the affected melanocytes reside.

kid with vitiligo

In another interesting development, Bella Aurora Labs, a company that specializes in the study of melanocytes, announced the launch of Repigment last month i.e., May 2021. Repigment, formulated to treat vitiligo, is created in collaboration with Italian dermatologist and chronic skin disorder specialist Dr. Matteo Bordignon. Other than stopping new white patches from developing, the patented product claims to restore the pigment to the affected areas.

The Repigment as a product contains the Repigma12 peptide to block the MIA protein, and RepigmentSun capsules, a food supplement that is claimed to prepare the skin for exposure to the sun. Note: Since we do not have a first-hand experience of using the product, we do not promote or advise the usage of the product.

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