Carrot Juice – A home Remedy worth trying in Vitiligo 

carrot juice in vitiligo

It is 2021 and we still do not know what causes vitiligo in the first place. Since Unite For Vitiligo’s inception in 2018, we have been trying to get the answer to this question. We spoke to many research experts, dermatologists, and vitiligo fighters who were going through some sort of treatment for the skin condition. The conclusion we drew from all these conversations only baffled and confused us further. But, all this while, we noticed that many dermatologists often prescribe vitiligo home remedies that have been hailed as effective by some of the vitiligo fighters we spoke to.

Scientifically speaking, we all know that freshly pressed vegetable juices offer intact enzymes to the human body. They provide a concentrated batch of nutrients that can easily absorb into your system to nourish your cells. While vitiligo fighters are asked to stay away from many such fruits, including citrus fruits, they are encouraged to consume carrot juice.

Carrots are often recommended by experts around the world for repigmentation. Carrot is a pigment-rich vegetable that protects the skin against sunburn. This comes in handy if you are using sun exposure to regain color, as part of your ongoing vitiligo treatment.

Benefits of consuming carrot juice in vitiligo 

We can start by stressing the importance of carrot juice for the lever. Many of us with vitiligo are asked by our doctors to pay special attention to the functioning of our liver. It’s the liver that filters and removes toxins from our body. But when the lever gets congested, a build-up of toxins in the body can’t be cleared that can potentially get into our cell membranes. This can leave one’s immune system confused, triggering an auto-immune response.

Many researchers conducted in the past hint that people with vitiligo are shown to have congested livers, so cleansing it and keeping it well-functional can always be helpful. Juicing carrots can help us cleanse the congested liver. Fresh carrots circumvent the digestive process, allowing the freshly squeezed nutrients to go directly into your bloodstream. Other than the benefit mentioned above, carrot juice can also help:

  • your body make alkaline
  • provide all the vital nutrients in easy-to-digest form for your body to absorb
  • promote body detox by flushing kidneys and stimulating bowel movements
  • Accelerate circulation of lymphocytes and bloodstream
  • reduce inflammation

Drinking carrot juice regularly can protect against sunburn in vitiligo 

The UV light from the sun can stimulate skin re-pigmentation in many vitiligo patients naturally. However, doing so can be quite tricky simply because the vitiligo affected area can become too sensitive to the sun and cause burning sensations. Exposure to sunlight in vitiligo can sometimes cause sunburn, skin redness, swelling, and itching.

Not getting too aggressive and exposing your body to sunlight only a few minutes a day can help to manage the skin’s sensitivity to the sun. In addition to this, consuming carrot juice can help you here too. Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, which is a type of pigment. The antioxidant properties of beta-carotene neutralize the free radicals and protect your skin against sunburn and aging.

A word of caution: Stay on the safe side and don’t overdrink carrot juice just because it has important beneficial properties. Carrot is LIKELY SAFE when eaten in moderation. If you are diabetic, always rely on your doctor’s dosage recommendations. Large amounts of carrot juice might cause the skin to turn yellow and the teeth to decay.

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