Vitiligo is linked to immunity. Here’re 7 easy ways to regulate your Immune System

vitiligo and immunity

Vitiligo is more than a skin-deep disorder. Even though several theories have been proposed to unravel the complex vitiligo pathogenesis, many have already come to the conclusion that vitiligo is indeed an autoimmune disorder. The skin disorder is believed to be initiated when the immune system mistakenly attacks some part of an individual’ own body and destroys the melanocytes in the skin.

So, how would you tame aggressive vitiligo? Though no self-help method is proven effective so far, regulating your immune system is worth a try. After all, it is important to develop a strong defense mechanism within your body. So? Get ready to fight off vitiligo by regulating your immunity with these easy tips.

1. Include foods rich in Vitamin C

For the immune system to function correctly, Vitamin C is an effective anti-oxidant. It does wonders to your skin and also has anti-cancerous properties. All the citrus fruits like lemon and gooseberry are rich in Vitamin C. This is why starting your day with a glass of with honey and lemon is a great idea. Apart from regulating your immunity it keeps you energized throughout the day. Many vitiligo treatment demand you to stay away from citrus food. If that applies in your case, strike this point from your list and come down to second point directly.

2. Absorb Sunlight

Many of us avoid being in sun due to fear of getting tanned. Prolong exposure to sun rays during the day time can be harmful but they are boon for health during morning and evening. Exposing to sunlight offers you the required amount of Vitamin D which is good for your bones health, your eyes and has anti-vitiligo element. Vitamin D is produced by the skin when exposed to sunlight.

3. Intake healthy drinks

A cup of green tea and black tea have enough power to provide your body with necessary anti-oxidant. Green tea is the healthiest beverage on the planet for a reason. It has many credible benefits; it improves brain function, helps you lose fat, and lower risk of cancer. Instead of going for artificially flavored juices, include coconut water, butter milk, and yogurt which help your immunity and digestion. Again, if your treatment required you to go vegan, consult your dietitian other alternatives.

4. Take dietary supplements

Our body demands certain vitamins and minerals to regulate its immunity. And it is difficult to attain these important vitamins and minerals solely through one’s diet. So, you can consider a good multi-vitamin supplement which is rich in all the essential nutrients and mineral your body needs. Another good supplement to consider is protein supplement. It is advisable to check with the doctor before taking any dietary supplement.

5. Add essential herbs to your diet list

Herbs and spices not only make food tastier but they are jam-packed full of health benefits. Herbs like basil have anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties and mint can calm digestive troubles. Pepper is good to improve immunity while turmeric is rich in anti-oxidant.

6. Keep a check on your health

A rise or fall in our body temperature can be a sign of an infection or some other serious health problem. But if you have a clinical thermometer you can keep a track on your body temperature and can take the necessary action in advance.

Measuring your blood pressure (often high in cases of stress-induced vitiligo) at home and keeping a record of it can help you and your doctor to know how effectively your medicines are working to control it.

A fitness band is perhaps the smartest gadget you can have to monitor your health smartly. It helps you track your fitness related metrics like calorie consumption, distance walked or run, heart rate and even the quality of your sleep (something essential to deal with post-vitiligo stress). It becomes quite easy to put your best foot forward to make up for things that ensure a strong immune system.

7. Pay attention to small details

Apart from using these tips, a good sleep, exercising, saying no to smoke and alcohol, and managing your stress can make your immune system stronger than ever. To keep sickness at bay, always:

  • Wash your hands, as much as you can. Make sanitizers your new best friend.
  • Keep the leftovers minimal. Try as much as you can to consume freshly cooked food.
  • Change your bedding frequently. Make sure you change your bed linen (all of it!) at least every 3 days.

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