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Vitiligo Crusaders | Page 69 | Meet the New-Age Venus

Bianca Rosemarie, the new face of Gillette Venus’ My Skin My Way campaign, is also the brand’s first model with vitiligo.

Bianca Rosemarie
A Screenshot of Gillette Venus' Latest Ad

Today, we have a charismatic woman to talk about. If you had watched Gillette Venus’ latest commercial, you would know who Bianca Rosemarie is. The 25-year-old biology student from Vienna is the brand’s first model with vitiligo. The commercial, which is part of the brand’s My Skin My Way campaign, celebrates women of every skin type, including vitiligo. And, we don’t have to say it again that Bianca simply shined in it.

Before the advert, Bianca was doing her bit as a community representative. She was featured on the cover of 2 magazines. She was featured in three short, impactful music videos and was 1st runner-up in a Finesse magazine competition. But, being featured in the opening scene of Gillette Venus’ latest commercial was indeed the breakthrough for this Austrian beauty.

Born Brown, Bianca is a woman of mixed race. Her mother is from Nigeria and Dad is Austrian. She had a carefree childhood till 5 – the age when she was diagnosed with vitiligo. “As a teen, it was more difficult. I felt like an outsider in the school. I was insulted by being called Cow. At a point, I heard that so often that I got used to it and didn’t care who was saying what about me,” recalls Bianca.

It was the conditioning that made Bianca think that she wasn’t normal until she started clicking her pictures with patches. She shares, “The pictures made me realize that I like my patches. Whenever I am sent a photoshopped picture of mine, I get horrified. Today, I am totally glad to have vitiligo. It’s a part of me now and I can’t ever imagine my life without it.”

It’s not a secret that there are many things people often get wrong about vitiligo. Bianca had her fair share of such experiences. “I am often asked if I am black or white. Is my skin contagious or painful? Can I peel my vitiligo off to become completely white is another question,” says the Venus girl who draws her inspiration from her role model Winnie Harlow.

Before ending the questionnaire, we asked Bianca to leave us with a message for fellow vitiligo fighters. She indeed had something special to share: “I just want to convey to my vitiligo family that we need to show the world that we, with vitiligo, are here too. It hurts me when I learn that many youngsters with vitiligo have low self-confidence. We are beautiful and shining. So, we have nothing to be ashamed of. I know it can be difficult to live with vitiligo, but we are super strong as unique individuals.”

We thank Bianca for sharing her amazing journey with us and believing in vitiligo awareness. It is an honor to have her featured among all Vitiligo Crusaders.

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