Unite For Vitiligo turns One

unite for vitiligo first anniversary

It’s March 25th today, and we, Unite For Vitiligo (UFV), just turned ONE! This past year has been exceptionally rewarding and valuable for all of us. We built an amazing loyal reader base and received encouraging feedback on what we’re doing.

We spent a significant amount of time this past year on producing many self-help guides and community stories. During this one year, what overwhelmed us was the readers’ positive and curious response to connecting with us. To celebrate the one year, we are revisiting some of the UFV highlights in 2018 (and the first quarter of 2019):

March 2018

After brainstorming for a name, Unite For Vitiligo was chosen to lay the foundation of an interactive, well-intended platform for vitiligo fighters. The deeper aim of the initiative was to unite all vitiligans across the world against the stigma associated with vitiligo. The initiative’s visual identity is revealed.

April 2018

Self-help guides made a debut on the platform. These guides ranged from workplace well being to a fitness regime at home.

May 2018

Vitiligan’s Book Club was launched for those vitiligo fighters that love reading.

June 2018

Team Unite For Vitiligo celebrated World Vitiligo Day with numerous information guides, community stories and a post on History of Vitiligo.

July 2018

Vitiligo Crusaders was launched – a campaign to motivate kids and teenagers with vitiligo to do more and be more.

Vitiligo Vocab was published, consisting of a glossary of terms associated with chronic skin disorder.

August 2018

Unite for Vitiligo let vitiligans vent their frustrations out via their Vitiligo Vents campaign. The campaign went viral among vitiligans on Instagram and was re-grammed by Vitiligo Research Foundation.

The 10 Most Influential Vitiligans (2018) list was also released the same month. Winnie Harlow topped the list.

September 2018

Unite For Vitiligo released the ‘10 Most Attractive Vitiligans (2018) – Men‘ list. Sam Goncalves topped the list.

December 2018

Vitiligo Crusaders, one-of-a-kind social campaign, reached a new milestone with the publication of 75th page. Prasanthi Sampara became 75th vitiligan to be featured in the series.

January 2019

Kinjal Sanghavi shared 5 Poems on Vitiligo for UFV readers.

February 2019

Unite For Vitiligo launched ‘My Vitiligo Story’, a fresh campaign, to give voice to numerous vitiligo fighters out there.

So where do we go from here? Well, we set some goals that we want to share with you, partly to keep you in the loop and get your feedback. So, here we go.

When we launched ‘Unite For Vitiligo’ a year ago, we started out with a set of basics. Going forward, our aim is to go deeper and richer with our coverage and content – to bring to you latest in the field of vitiligo research and clinical trials. This world is filled with misinformation and complexity making it really hard for people to know what vitiligo is. We are super passionate about debunking those myths around vitiligo through knowledge guides and latest research findings.

Last and most importantly, our goal for 2019-2020 is to solidify our foundation. We intend to bring more community stories to give all vitiligo fighters a sense of belonging. Throughout the year we were able to publish 265 meaningful posts on our platform. We hope to have more next year.

We have so much planned for the year and to be more involved in the vitiligo community. In the end, we thank you all for the support as we look forward to taking this two-way dialogue forward, every single day.

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