Get Washboard Abs in 5 Easy Steps

washboard abs

It is a dream for most of us – to possess a totally fit and ready-for-any-challenge physique. An integral part of that is having a toned torso, and washboard abs are critical towards this end. But there is a vast difference between thinking of and being able to sculpt great abs. Take heart, for we have made it really easy for you. In just 5 steps, you can now look great and feel fabulous!


All good exercise results come in when you start off from where it matters most – your daily diet. The usual suspects – oily recipes, fried snacks, sugary, high-caloried food – need to go out on first priority. But having an impressive body does not mean giving up on good food. You can still eat healthy amounts of rotis, rice, pulses, vegetables and salads. Bottomline: Skip the “rich” food, stay with the “solids”!


Next is line is giving your digestive and excretory systems a break. This is crucial since most of us tend to forget just how important “rest and recoup” is for the human body. It recharges the system, aids digestion and enables assimilation of healthy food. When was the last time you consciously skipped a meal or went without solid food for a day? Well, now’s your chance to do it.

Focused Abdominal Exercises

And now for the operative bit. Most people opt for mechanised ab exercisers and crunches to get those washboard abs. Of late, there have been a range of core exercises, that target specific muscle groups in the abdominal area and give you great results in a short time. Go for Standing Side Crunches, Lunges and Twists, Squats and Sweeps.

Cardio Health

While keeping your focus on high-powered core strengthening workout for the abdomen, it is equally important to keep doing cardio exercises. If pressed for time, a simple 30-35 min walk will also suffice. And if you are lucky in the time department, go all out and complete an hour’s worth of brisk walking/running/jogging. Or take out that yoga mat and see yourself change for the better.

Post-workout Muscle Relaxation

As you would have noticed, several of the body’s muscle groups are employed while exercising. When the body is warm, it performs at its peak. Once the exercise ends, the body cools down and muscles tend to contract quickly. To achieve optimum benefits from your workout, give yourself a thorough rub-down post-workout. Use lukewarm oil in the winters and take a hot water bath (after 40-45 mins) to complete the picture.

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