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4 Reasons why Exercising is beneficial in Vitiligo

Exercise benefits Vitiligo

While certain medication can be prescribed to combat stress in vitiligo, exercising could be one of the best ways to stay stress-free and live well with vitiligo.

In fact, many immunology researcher and dermatologists recommend moderate exercise for around 30 minutes a day to control further spreading of vitiligo patches. Some even claim that it can stimulate skin re-pigmentation when clubbed with a healthy diet, positive lifestyle and intelligent use of dietary supplements. While more research is needed to support these claims, all we can do right now is to tell you why exercising is beneficial in vitiligo.

1. It is proven effective

If you knew that there is something shown to benefit your sleep, metabolism, bones, immunity, and mood, wouldn’t you give it a try? Numerous studies claim that apart from losing weight, exercising regularly is also great for your heart, blood vessels, lungs, hormone production and even brain activity.

As you go ripped and build lean muscle mass, your self-image improves. When your self-image improves, you feel more confident, even with vitiligo. That being said, maintaining consistency is the key to achieve satisfactory results. Adding a healthy diet to your exercising plan should also help you live happier with vitiligo.

2. It is individualized

Using your own weight (through bodyweight training) to build strength and stamina is easier and entirely customizable. As long as your fitness coach is creating an individual exercise plan for you, you experience more control on your life.

3. It never gets boring

Exercising helps vitiligo fighters realize their true potential (physical as well mental). With different exercise for different muscles, it never gets boring. Exercises like neck and trunk rotation, pelvic tilt, postural control add a lot of flexibility to your body and life.

4. It helps you induce calm

Having witnessed the popularity in recent times, many Hatha Yoga (postural exercises) have contributed to making many lives stress-free. And, who knows the value of a stress-free life better than a vitiligo fighter. Yoga Therapy (a spiritual version of exercising) instills confidence in individuals and also helps in relaxing tight and stiff muscles. Pranayama discipline of Yoga enables you to explore the mind-body-breath connection.

What we recommend

If you feel unwanted remarks and stares directed toward your vitiligo are coming your way to fitness training, here’s an idea: do body-weight exercises or yoga at home instead. Follow an authentic YouTube Fitness Channel or use a fitness app. Other than this, all you’ll need is a small space as small as 8×8’, a yoga mat, and your own body!

As a thumb rule, don’t push your body too hard else it would cause a lot of physical stress, which will further trigger the immune system to worsen your vitiligo (as per the studies by US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health).

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