Outshining Vitiligo – 31 Famous Models with Vitiligo

It takes courage to wear those white patches as a badge of honor and challenge the society’s carved-in-stone beauty standards. Unlike many of us, many models with vitiligo have had to deal with the chronic skin disorder while living in the public eye. The good news is that they didn’t let vitiligo affect their successful career. This can only motivate us to do well and outshine vitiligo, professionally and personally.

‘Unite For Vitiligo’ applauds these models with vitiligo who in their capacity educated the public about the chronic skin disorder, in a much more positive and proactive way.

1. Winnie Harlow

It won’t be an overstatement to say that Winnie Harlow, by being a contestant on America’s Next Top Model (2014), made vitiligo a conversation, which was previously missing from public platforms. The model made her catwalk debut during London Fashion Week in 2014. She has also been the face of many fashion brand campaigns and music videos. Harlow was diagnosed with vitiligo at the age of 4.

2. Joan Severance

The 1980’s supermodel has been part of many brand campaigns for Chanel, Versace, Giorgio Armani, Revlon, and Maybelline. Now an actress known for her roles in American Horror Story and Masters of Sex, Severance has been living with vitiligo since she was 8.

3. Amy Deanna

The first model with vitiligo to be featured in a CoverGirl commercial, Amy started losing color of her skin during her teenage. The beauty brand representatives found her on Instagram and noticed how confidently she had been embracing her vitiligo.

4. Kyra Furlong

Once nicknamed ‘Dalmatian,’ Kyra Furlong recently hit the runway for Toronto Fashion Week. After taking part in a photo shoot, Kyra broke into the fashion industry and has been signing brand endorsement deals, one after another.

5. Alec King

Alec King was 6 when he first noticed vitiligo for the first time. The British model took a decade to accept the skin disorder. Alec has walked the ramp in London Fashion Week, was featured in 2 BBC Features and has been the face of many billboards around London.

6. Laura Gregory

Being comfortable in the vitiliginous skin is a cakewalk for Laura Gregory, who was diagnosed with vitiligo when she was 12. Former Miss Continental, the British beauty has white patches on her hands, feet, and chest. She has also been talking out about the stigma surrounding vitiligo for years.

7. Shahad Salman

The Mecca-based model lives with a passion for fashion. She was featured in Vogue Arabia’s cover page along with supermodel Winnie Harlow. Shahad personified beauty and grace in the magazine’s June (2019) edition, which was themed “women standing for women”. Inspiring other girls with vitiligo from the Arab world, the 23-year-old model has clearly never let her skin condition get in the way of self-love.

8. Curtis J McDaniel

Curtis was 11 years old when he was diagnosed with the chronic skin disorder. It is hard to believe the handsome young man, who is taking the modeling world by storm, once didn’t like having his picture taken. Curtis’ vitiligo journey has been featured in many media outlets, including CNN, MTV and The Sun.

9. April Star

Now a successful child print and runway model, April was diagnosed with vitiligo when she was 6. Showing off her natural beauty in many kids fashion magazines, April has been a face for Gap Kids in 2017 and has worked with the online boutique like Love My Alannah and Essence magazine.

10. Cayetana Ayala Quiñónez

Cayetana is among the very few models who are representing the vitiligo community in Latin America’s Fashion landscape. Apart from pursuing a career in fashion in her native country Paraguay, Cayetana is studying Fashion Design at the moment.

11. Moostapha

Moostapha caught everyone’s attention after being featured in Vogue Italia’s ‘Welcome to the Table’ series. Justin Dingwall further photographed the South African model for the concept ‘A Seat at the Table.’ The photo series was launched at the FNB Joburg Art Fair.

12. Ninu Galot

A fitness model and spokesperson for UK’s Vitiligo Society, Ninu Galot noticed her first white spot when she was 11. After fighting with vitiligo for years, she decided to take part in a fitness competition in London, which got her global media’s attention. This helped Galot raise awareness about vitiligo and address stigma attached to the chronic skin disorder. Recently she, along with Gautam Singhania took part in a vitiligo awareness campaign.

13. Shankar Jalota

British Indian model, Shankar caught everyone’s attention when he took part in Brock Elbank’s vitiligo series. Having unique, circular vitiligo pattern around his eye, Shankar is one of the very few people who represent vitiligo community in runway modeling scene in London.

14. Darius Vernon

After years of unkind remarks about his unusual looks, Darius Vernon was almost on the verge of committing suicide. After years of struggle, he defied his bullies and secured a successful career as a model. Just like Shankar Jalota, the muscle hunk has been part of Brock Elbank’s vitiligo project.

15. Yvesmark Chery

Yvesmark belongs to the new wave of models who are challenging and redefining the fashion industry’s preconceived rigid beauty standards. A testament to the importance of remaining true to yourself, Yvesmark has appeared in magazines like Vogue and Paper. The model who has prominent vitiligo patches on the face and hands has also fronted many campaigns for brands like Converse and Opening Ceremony.

16. Mariah Perkins

Mariah was diagnosed with vitiligo at the age of 12. The model rose to fame after doing a commercial for Dermablend and a YouTube special – Shake my Beauty, which is about to reach 600K views. She has also been featured on Too Ugly for Love (a television show in the UK) as an ambassador of vitiligo awareness. Subsequently, Mariah became the subject of many magazine articles, web articles, and radio interviews.

17. Sam Goncalves

Sam has been part of many advertising campaigns and fashion shows in his home country – Brazil. He was recently featured in a brand campaign by Kanui, a unisex sports brand.

18. Shantanu Gosavi

India’s first model with vitiligo, Shantanu shows off his vitiliginous skin with confidence and pride. He was diagnosed with vitiligo at the age of 10. Over the years, white patches covered his arms, feet, and legs. Now, the most of his body is covered with big patches, including his face.

Shantanu did not let vitiligo clench him. His confidence and striking appearance compels many Instgrammers to stop by his profile to pay him compliments. Shantanu’s mother and grandfather have had the chronic skin disorder.

19. Eva Khyne Sam

Eva was diagnosed with the chronic skin disorder in her 20s. She has been featured in a winning image for Portrait of Britain, and Glam Africa Magazine’s October (2018) issue. Eva (by being a successful model) continues to spread positive vibes to other women of color who’re living with vitiligo.

20. Ava Bright

Ava is a Canadian child model who has worked with Matilda Jane Clothing, Elizabeth Noel, Walmart, and Lemonade Kids Magazine. Her success story has been published in a lesson plan that is being used to teach kids in North America about differences and particularly vitiligo. Ava was named Canada’s one of the most extraordinary children by the Canadian Broadcasting Company in 2018. a

21. Bianca Rosemarie

Bianca caught everyone’s attention after being featured in Gillette Venus’ latest advertisement. The model with vitiligo has also been the face for the brand’s My Skin, My Way campaign across the digital media.

22. Omar Quentin Ford

Omar was diagnosed with lip-tipped vitiligo at the age of 21. He runs a Facebook page (named Vitiligo Living) to encourages those living with vitiligo to love themselves. Omar is the spokesperson for Zanderm.

23. Tom Radido

The 29-year old model and filmmaker had his first encounter with vitiligo in 2008. A Kalasha Award winner, Tom is creating awareness around vitiligo in his home country Kenya. Last year, he shot a film that addresses the plight of those living with vitiligo, which won him many accolades.

24. Denise Chamberlain

Apart from being a full-time mother, nanny and home health aide, Denise is working as a model and most importantly as a voice of vitiligo awareness. She has participated in the New York Fashion Week, Paul Mitchell Hair and Fashion Show, Indianapolis Black Expo (Passion 4 Fashion Week) and BeYoutiful Hair and Fashion Show as a model.

25. Iomikoe Johnson

A model, actress and author, Iomikoe has participated in many vitiligo awareness projects, including her second book (The Girl That Spotted The World) and a short film – Birthmark. She has also modeled for Skin Deep: The Skin I’m In, an exhibition By celebrity photographer Ferrell Phelps.

26. Carissa Orr

A philanthropist and model, Carissa has embraced her vitiligo most benevolently. After being part of ace photographer Brock Elbank’s well-received vitiligo series, Carissa was signed by Aliesha Renea as a brand influencer. It was the model’s self-belief which made her lead a more fulfilling and confident life.

27. Kelsey Ketting

If you are an internet savvy vitiligo fighter, you would know who Kelsey Ketting is. The 23 years old model from Redondo Beach is doing her bit to strengthen the representation of vitiligo in the modeling industry. Kelsey was diagnosed with vitiligo at the age of 4.

28. Jovan Woods

Jovan noticed his first patch at the age of 10. He handled people’s stares and remarks creatively and soon became too popular to be made fun of. Apart from modeling full time, Jovan is also associated with a Go-go band called SMG. He has sung for the band before managing its tours worldwide.

29. D’Yonna Riley

D’Yonna noticed her first white patch at the age of 7. When she was younger, her mom got Turning White: A Memoir of Change, which helped her overcome her low confidence. Apart from modeling, D’Yonna runs a baking blog called Vitiligo Baker.

30. Mahmoud Hassan

Mahmoud was diagnosed with vitiligo at the age of 13. Growing up, the Helwan native was bullied for his skin condition, which made him hide his visual difference for years. He was called ‘cow’ or ‘zebra’ at school. Now, at 25, Mahmoud has learned to love his skin by being a skin inclusivity influencer and fashion model.

31. Kirps Bhogal

Kirps, a 35-year-old Content Protection Analyst from London was in news this World Vitiligo Day for all great reasons. Krips who has been enrolled as a model with Zebedee Management released his commercial with STANLEY Security on June 25th, this year. Within a few hours, the commercial was up across all vitiligo support networks, on Facebook as well as on Instagram. “I hope you enjoy it as much as I did preparing, acting, and being given an opportunity to represent not just myself but every vitiligan in the world. Here is to more diversity, inclusivity, and representation! This is just the beginning…,”Krips wrote a heartfelt message in the caption.  

The “Famous Vitiligans” (Models with vitiligo edition) is curated on the basis of many online and offline sources. If you detect any discrepancy, please write to us at reachus@uniteforvitiligo. We will make necessary changes.

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