Consuming fish and milk together doesn’t cause vitiligo

Consuming milk and fish together

If you are undergoing Ayurveda treatment for vitiligo, it is a possibility that you were told that odd food combination, like consumption of fish and milk together, could cause the chronic skin disorder in the first place. Though belief like this wasn’t scenically proven, many people who loved consuming milk and fish the same day felt confused about what to eat and what to avoid.

While debunking the common myth about vitiligo, we did try to explain the logic behind such belief. We explained that vitiligo is an auto-immune disorder, so it has no direct relation to food. Therefore, avoiding certain foods will have absolutely no impact on the chronic skin disorder. Even though we had logic, many readers asked us if we had any scientific backing to support our claim. Thankfully, Prof Davinder Parsad from Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh (India), is with us to tell you for sure that consuming fish and milk together or one after another doesn’t cause vitiligo.

Speaking on the occasion of World Vitiligo Day 2018, Prof Parsad, during a press conference, confirmed that odd food combination like consuming fish and milk together doesn’t cause white patches as there is no research study to prove so. In reality, 94% of vitiligo cases are triggered due to stress and physical trauma. He has attended many vitiligo fighters who have gotten the chronic skin disorder after failing in examination and getting divorced. Pollution could also be another reason behind the emergence of a new white patch.

It also believed that children of parents with vitiligo ultimately develop vitiligo. However, only 6% of vitiligo cases are hereditary. Parsad told the press that it is the increasing burden of stress on the new generation why vitiligo cases at the PGIMER are rising. A total of 120 vitiligo fighters visit the institute every week. Of the total cases, 20 new ones are reported every week.

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