An Information Guide to World Vitiligo Day 2022

World Vitiligo Day 2022

World Vitiligo Day 2022 is just a few days away to be celebrated across the world to build global awareness about vitiligo – a disfiguring skin condition that can have significant negative psychosocial impact on those living with it. The event is all set to be observed globally in various parts of the world on June 25th this year.

Each year, World Vitiligo Day (WVD) is officially hosted by a different country. In 2021, it was the turn of Jakarta, Indonesia to act as campaign headquarters for all World Vitiligo Day activities. This year the global WVD headquarters has been shifted to Mexico. All WVD 2022 activities will be conducted under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Med. Jorge Ocampo Candiani.

In the United States, Global Vitiligo Foundation will organize World Vitiligo Day 2022 events. Another important WVD event, PURPLE FUN DAY, will also be organized by Litty Ligo Community Network. However, the biggest celebration of World Vitiligo Day in the USA will take place in Bloomington, Minnesota from June 24th to 26th. The 3-day event will include a mix of conference-style information sessions and opportunities to socialize and celebrate World Vitiligo Day 2022.

Know More About World Vitiligo Day 

The first World Vitiligo Day was held in 2011 to mark the beginning of what now has become an annual global event. The objective of WVD is to bring awareness about the “highly misunderstood” skin condition like vitiligo into the public eye and to shine a light on challenges faced by those living with the skin condition. Over the years World Vitiligo Day’s purpose has broadened, from raising awareness of vitiligo to include recognition of bullying, social neglect, and psychological trauma caused to those affected by vitiligo. It is noteworthy that June 25th is still not recognized as World Vitiligo Day by the United Nations. A petition has been filed to the UN Secretary-General with 500,000+ signatures to recognized June 25 as World Vitiligo Day.

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