8 Instagram Accounts Vitiligo Fighters should start following now

instagrammers with vitiligo

Instagram, being a visual social media platform, provides a means of connection for those with vitiligo, which is absent in the physical world. Luckily, there are many Instagrammers with vitiligo who are living life to the fullest, being an inspiration for the community.

So, if you start your mornings off scrolling through Instagram, following some inspirational accounts on Instagram can be a good way to kick-start your day with positive intentions. Let us know in the comments if you know more Instagram accounts that deserve to be included in the list.

1. Winnie Harlow, Fashion Model

The woman you see in the most of vitiligo websites, informational catalogs, and youtube channel arts is Winnie Harlow whose decision to embrace and celebrate vitiligo will leave you utterly impressed.
Since Winnie has vitiligo more prominently on her body, it has made vitiligo a conversation. Her growing fans on Instagram can help you reaffirm that vitiligo is no barrier to success in the fashion business.

2. Tarik B, Fitness Coach

A German fashion model, and fitness trainer, Tarik is proud to show his talent in his Instagram account – tariks_bodyn_soul. With his rippling muscles and jaw-dropping good looks, the chiseled hunk can help you look beyond vitiligo and awaken a fitness enthusiast within you.

3. Ninu Galot, Entrepreneur

A British Indian entrepreneur and fitness model, Ninu Galot noticed a small white patch behind her neck when she was 11. In 2004, she had the outburst of vitiligo. Ninu consulted various doctors, but all she was told was that nothing could be done.
She struggled with the chronic skin disorder for years and eventually stopped undergoing any treatment. Ninu decided to do a fitness competition back in London, which helped her raise awareness about vitiligo. Many who didn’t know she was living with vitiligo, saw her as someone who had everything; confidence and professional success.

4. Brock Elbank, Photographer

Vitiligo seems to be one of photographer Brock Elbank’s favorite subjects. With his minimalist, high-contrast portraits, Elbank highlights the beauty of vitiligo, documenting each individual’s unique face and body. A model, Bashir Aziz has already expressed how difficult it was to live with vitiligo before the photo shoot with Brock Elbank who helped him gain confidence in himself.
Seeing an Instagram feed, which reiterates that beauty is a mix of qualities the inside out, can help you live happier with vitiligo.

5. Marcus Haran, Rapper

An up-and-comer in Toronto’s bustling hip-hop scene, Marcus Haran is a talented rapper with vitiligo. A man of many skills, Haran is a self-taught beatboxer who plays multiple instruments and has taken creative writing lessons. What’s most impressive about his Instagram account is his commitment to engaging listeners with interesting music vines.

6. Lauren Reid, Painter

Last World Vitiligo Day, Lauren Reid uploaded the first post to her Instagram account. This post was a watercolor illustration of her own vitiligo. Within the hour, she had requests started to flow in. Many people wanted her to paint them too – and share their stories. Today Lauren has painted many portraits and has dozens more waiting to be done, with submissions coming from around the world.
Scrolling through Lauren’s Instagram account, you can’t help but feel inspired by the stories, shared one portrait at a time.

7. April Star, Aspiring Model

April Star was diagnosed with vitiligo when she was 6. Dreaming to become a model, she started an Instagram page to show off her natural beauty. Star who has taken Instagram by storm now has over 115,000 followers. It’s inspiring to see how rather than letting vitiligo stop her from pursuing her fashion dreams, she is challenging the society’s stereotypical beauty standards in the process. A must-follow Instagram account indeed!

8. Nadin Khalifa Almaskari, Artist

For those with vitiligo, Instagram is a way to find community, connection, and support. But when you follow Nadin’s Instagram account, you get to witness a little bit of magic too. You can’t help but be surprised to know that vitiligo can be turned into art… and oh boy, it is beautiful!

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