Be a Free Spirit! Try the ‘Bohemian Look’

bohemian fashion
Image Courtesy: Darnell Porter

The ‘Bohemian Look’ is all about embodying the force. It’s about being artistic, free-spirited, and a lover of nature, colors, and all things spirited.

However, getting the Bohemian look right isn’t all that easy. It’s not simply about getting innumerable colors and layers of clothes on you (in fact, adding layer after layer — that’s one of the biggest misconceptions about this style). It’s also not about just going careless and carefree. It’s about being exceptionally gorgeous and breathtakingly beautiful, with a keen sense of self-expression.

Here are five ways how you can transform yourself into a Bohemian beauty.


The one attitude that Bohemian fashion shouts out loud is — be free, comfortable and non-binding. So, the must-haves in your wardrobe for this style are loose peasant tops, long or short flowing skirts, maxi dresses — all of these in a variety of colors, patterns and prints. You can also team a cool, loose top with denim shorts, or perhaps a peasant top with skinny jeans.

Awesome accessories

More, more, and some more…that’s the way to accessorize when it comes to Boho fashion. Bring out those boxes of chunky, earthy jewelry that are filled with necklaces, bangles, bracelets, earrings and nose rings, and also the headbands, belts, earth-toned handbags, scarves and stoles, and lots more. They don’t have to be coordinated or matched to a tee. But don’t go gaudy or garish either. Big sunglasses are another must-have for this style.

Fun footwear

From long, flowing skirts to skinny jeans, ankle-length boots complement them all. And they are really hot in Boho fashion, too. But, if closed shoes aren’t your thing, gladiator sandals are the other style of shoes that look lovely with this style.

Colour codes

Be it your clothes, accessories or shoes…what’s key to Boho fashion is the color and prints. Bold geometric prints, eye-catching designs, floral prints — all in a variety of bright and beautiful hues — are perfect for this style of fashion. You could go all bold, or strike a balance by wearing pretty pastel shades with something in a brighter shade. Once in a while, going completely pastel also looks truly ethereal.

Make-up magic

Simple and natural, yet special and stunning…this mantra of Bohemian fashion is extended to its make-up, too. You could keep things natural and nude, with perhaps a stroke of kohl. But if you feel like going the smokey-eyes or pouty-lips way, go for it. The key lies in balancing the look.

The one unwritten rule of Bohemian fashion is — be cool, casual, and effortless. No amount of clothes or accessories can personify the spirit of this style as much as what your attitude can. Carry what comes within your comfort zone. Get inspired, but don’t imitate without identifying with this style of fashion.

Enjoy the spirit of Boho fashion, and embody its soul! It’s not about looking loud…it’s all about looking lovely!

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