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Vitiligo Crusaders | Page 37 | A Miamian whose Confidence is Contagious

Kyle Goldsmith, a 19-year-old model and business owner from Miami considers vitiligo a forever moving piece of art.

Kyle Goldsmith

Kyle Goldsmith, best known as Kyle Kinja on Instagram, noticed vitiligo at the age of 5. Naturally, it was difficult initially as kids didn’t have too many filters and said anything that came to mind. Luckily, teenage years were a little better, but, annoying questions did not stop. Kyle recalls, “I remember kids and adults asking me if I got burnt, or am I an acid attack victim. Some even asked me if I wore my goggles too long because I had white circles around my eyes. However, I handled it all well because I knew that I was beautiful even at that young age and always had my supportive friends stand by me.”

Kyle perspective on living with vitiligo is different and definitely positive. The model thinks the skin disorder been a blessing in disguise: “I’ve had it since I was a child. So, vitiligo is all I know. I literally think it’s so cool because I don’t look like anyone else. It’s a condition that only affects your appearance and is harmless. Having it help meaningful people come into your life because you know they look past it. So, I don’t wish I didn’t have it. I learned so much from it.”

Kyle owns a business of skin and hair care products. BAREskkin’s product line focuses on people who struggle with acne or oily/dryness. His brand also helps people who want beautiful tresses without the masses of chemicals and alcohols. “Lisa Nichols’ books and Oprah’s online videos inspired me to love myself. And, I would literally be watching anything with Winnie Harlow in it. Because it just made me so happy and definitely helped through rough times,” the 19 years old reveals.

Kyle is aware that the world is craving for more representation of vitiligo. The model gets so many DMs from kids on Instagram who are looking for a source of an inspiration. But, just like many other vitiligo crusaders from the series, Kyle too thinks that people with vitiligo are underrepresented in popular culture. “Until Winnie Harlow, I never really saw anyone in the limelight, only bits from Michael Jackson, but it was never clear if he had vitiligo,” Kyle makes a point.

Currently, Kyle isn’t undergoing any vitiligo treatment. The model tells us why, “I’ve tried phototherapy, the creams, and liquids. It’s all a waste of time. I would be in the streets minding my business and people would be throwing doctors’ names, cream brands, and countries I need to visit to get their “medicine” to treat my vitiligo. I appreciate it, but no thanks.”

Kyle feels that vitiligo has taught him that appearance is just the surface and what’s inside is what really counts. “It moves so much, one day a new spot will appear while a patch gets smaller in another area. So, I see it as a forever moving art piece,” who won’t find this analogy interesting. Team Unite For Vitiligo wishes Kyle all the best for future.

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