5 Strategies to Stick to Your Vitiligo Diet

diet for vitiligo

If you are on a vitiligo treatment, there are a few things you should swear by. Following the dietary changes prescribed by your doctor is one such rule that should never be broken! If you are in the mood to tame that aggressive vitiligo, it’s time to make few changes in your lifestyle and use these tips, so that you can stick to your vitiligo diet plan and don’t eat what you are asked not to. Let’s start with the basics –

1. Ban the whites

Nearly everything white in color – white rice, white bread, refined flour, potatoes, pasta, etc. should be banned. Whether you have subscribed to allopathic treatment for vitiligo or taken a homeopathic approach to tame the chronic skin disorder, these things are always good to avoid.

Substitute this with everything that reads ‘whole wheat.’ Look out for the words fiber and grain. Again, change the color for everything – look out for brown rice, brown pasta, brown bread, etc. What is the advantage? Well, you will shed some pounds too.

2. Use the leanest oils

Virgin olive oil and canola oil are great for skin and general well being. Take time out to read about the fat content on containers and then make a choice. A great tip – budget your oil use! Use an oil dispenser with measures and keep a target for each day. Better still, use an oil brush to apply oil on the veggies and then cook. This way you can limit your use to a bare minimum.

3. Buy strong flavors

If you want to restrict your intake of a particular product, then buy a strong tasting one. This way, you limit your intake portions. E.g., substitute your regular cheese with goat or parmesan cheese. Buy dark chocolate instead of regular chocolate.

4. Skip processed sugars

Choose ‘real’ foods, such as 100% fruit juice or 100% whole-grain items with as little processing and no additives. Avoid the cans (process foods are prohibited in many vitiligo treatments) and go for fresh fruits.

5. Store back-ups for your vitiligo diet

Many a time, we skip what’s on our vitiligo diet chart because we are too lazy to cook it. Avoid such situations by purchasing freezer containers. Cook for a week and stock it up in a freezer proof box. By freezing it, you maintain the freshness and eat as per need.

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