2020’s Top Searched Items on Vitiligo 

search on vitiligo

There’s a new age saying among millennials: “If you want to learn more about global society, look at its highest-trending searches on the web.” So, we’ve taken a peek at the top things our global vitiligo community was looking up in 2020, and it’s a real mix of high and low. People have questions to look for and things to laugh about. 

We’ll get back to the list in a second, but it’s worth mentioning that many of these top searches this year took us by surprise. Check out the top vitiligo-specific searches of 2020, and see whether you fall in line with the rest of the internet. 

Édouard Philippe 

Édouard Charles Philippe, a well-known French politician who’s currently serving as Mayor of Le Havre since 2020, was on most of the vitiligans’ search engine list. The ex-Prime Minister of France was in news for his brown beard dotted with white spots questions. Edouard responded to such questions during Paris Match by letting the French media know that he has vitiligo and his beard looks depigmented due to the skin condition. 

Gorilla with vitiligo 

Netizens seem to be fascinated with the interesting depigmentation of beautiful black exotic animals like Gorilla. That was the reason why “Gorilla with vitiligo” was the second most searched vitiligo-focused keyword on Google. We’re suspecting this interest must have peaked after Anaka, a Western Lowland Gorilla whose pictures have gone viral on the internet last year. Anaka is a Zoo Atlanta resident who’s been all visitors’ instant favorite with shades of vitiligo on his hand.  

Vitiligo treatment 2020

It is a bit heartbreaking that in absence of effective treatment of the skin condition, people especially those newly diagnosed with it kept searching for a key phrase like “Vitiligo Treatment 2020.” We hope in years to come, we can have something substantial to share here as far as the treatment of the chronic skin condition is concerned. 

Barbie with vitiligo 

Before the COVID-19 debacle happened, 2020 started on a positive note, especially for every vitiligo fighter who’s been craving for some mainstream representation. The makers of Barbie, Mattel, has expanded its range of dolls by introducing a doll with vitiligo. With this move, Mattel has incorporated more diversity in its Barbie range and the community seems to love it. Perhaps, that’s why “Barbie with vitiligo” was the fourth top search trend on vitiligo.   

Vitiligo specialists near me 

This one is a hyperlocal search trend, which, when combined together became the fifth most-sought-after search trend in 2020. As mentioned earlier in this piece, many of us haven’t come to terms with living with an ever-changing appearance. Possibly that’s why we keep looking for experts on vitiligo in our location, to see if we can pause the skin condition’s progression or at least get an answer to the most enigmatic question – “what exactly causes vitiligo in the first place?”

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