11 Solo Fun Activities for Vitiligo Fighters

relaxing activities for vitiligo

While finding the right treatment is essential for vitiligo fighters, many fun activities can help them shift their focus from the chronic skin disorder and live life to the fullest. These activities work as informal therapy in vitiligo, which means that your emotional health improves while you’re having fun.

Until you are not completely comfortable and confident about indulging in outdoor adventures, do something fun at home. Not sure where to start? Worry not! We have 15 fun activities that you can do at home without worrying about going to public and listening to unkind comments.

No matter how much stressed out you are at the moment, at least one of the listed fun activities will force you to get out of your bed and enjoy.

1| Music

If you are a music lover, you will be most inclined to this activity. Listen to your favorite music and go back in time. If you are looking for some motivation, you can try listening to these songs to embrace positivity in vitiligo.

You can also play on a keyboard or piano, singing along. Reason? Music can help relax your tensed muscles and has considerable effects on psychological symptoms of vitiligo.

2 | Dancing

The more you dance to your favorite body, the more good you will feel. Since dancing doesn’t have to be so cut-and-dry, do what feels right, even if it looks bizarre. The more fun you have while dancing, the more therapeutic it will get.

3 | Painting

Painting is an excellent activity to express your emotions. After all, using different colors and textures will help you stimulate the brain and release some tension. And the best part – you don’t have to take it too seriously. It is essential to make something simple or abstract at first to keep yourself motivated.

4 | Photography

Photography is both relaxing and creative. As long you are looking for a fun activity, point-and-shoot will help you shift your focus from vitiligo. We all know that clicking pictures is a great way to practice creative expression without much effort.

5 | Gardening

Exercise, if done with a fun element involved, can bring about a sea change in an individual’s mental health. That’s precisely what gardening promises to be. Maintaining a garden at home can offer you good exercise and time in your backyard or lawn.

6 | Writing

Writing can be a fun way to challenge your imagination and critical thinking skills. If writing doesn’t come naturally to you, have a “stream of consciousness” writing session. During this session, simply write down everything that comes to your mind. Trust us; you will feel better if you make it a habit.

7 | Sudoku

Brain training games improve cognitive skills and help you maintain emotional wellbeing in vitiligo. Completing a mental task like Sudoku stimulates the brain, improving your concentration for good.

8 | Jigsaw Puzzle

It is a great activity for kids with vitiligo. Putting together a jigsaw puzzle can improve concentration. It will be a good add-on to the most prescribed treatments for vitiligo.

9 | Crossword Puzzles

Just like the jigsaw, crossword puzzles can help growing kids with vitiligo with word-finding skills. Since they are available in a variety of skill levels, you can choose one within your/your kid’s capabilities. Reason? Choosing a super difficult level can frustrate you ever more rather than calming the anxiety.

10 | Knitting

Knitting is a relaxing activity that can you take your minds off of challenges posed by vitiligo. It will just lift your spirits up and channelize your energy in creating something creative.

11 | Pottery

Making pottery is an engaging activity for anybody as long as clay is soft and easy to work with. It will transport you to a different planet where vitiligo doesn’t matter so much.

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