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FAQs World Vitiligo Day

Over the last few years, World Vitiligo Day (WVD) has emerged as a day of celebration for the vitiligo community. With each passing year, the annual event is getting bigger and bolder. Today, support for the vitiligo awareness events is huge within the community. While many celebrities have chosen the day to reveal their vitiligo diagnosis to the public, many vitiligans have gone make-up free on the very same day. However, if you are recently diagnosed with vitiligo, getting your head around what this day stands for can be confusing. Worry not! We are here to help you on this front. Here is a list of frequently asked questions about the day.

What is World Vitiligo Day?

A key international awareness day, WVD takes place every year to unite people with vitiligo, under one banner. The Day aims to create awareness of vitiligo to free affected population from the stigma surrounding the condition.

Over the years, WVD’s purpose has broadened from raising awareness to addressing bullying at school, recognizing social neglect, and understanding psychological trauma affected population goes through. Funding concrete research on vitiligo treatment has also become a common ‘call to action’ for the day.

WVD also plays an important role in preventing many suicide attempts each year through education, raising awareness and by pressing governments and individuals across the world to normalize vitiligo.

When is World Vitiligo Day celebrated?

World Vitiligo Day takes place every year on 25 June. The date resonates with the community due to its unfortunate connection to Michael Jackson, whose vitiligo was the most publicly debated case of all time. June 25 is a memorial to Michael who passed away on the same date.

When and how was World Vitiligo Day established?

The first WVD was held in 2011. It has become a yearly, global event ever since. Called Vitiligo Awareness Day or Purple Fun Day then, the day was brought to life by Ogo Maduewesi, Founder of Vitiligo Support and Awareness Foundation (VITSAF), a non-profit organization working on vitiligo awareness in Lagos, Nigeria.

Is World Vitiligo Day a registered charity?

The International WVD events are organized by in association with several non-profit organizations across the world. June 25th is still not recognized by the United Nations as World Vitiligo Day. You can sign the petition to the UN Secretary-General. Go to and add your name to the 500,000+ petitioners.

The Steering Committee of World Vitiligo Day is composed of influencers of multi-nationalities, from health care, research, and patient support domains. The WVD Steering Committee includes Prof. Paulo Cunha (Brazil), Prof. Jana Hercogova (Czech Republic), Prof. Xing-Hua Gao (China), Prof. Davinder Parsad (India), Prof. Henri Lim (USA), Prof. Torello Lotti (Italy), Ogo Maduewesi (Nigeria), Dr. Aliya Kassumkhanov (Kazakhstan), Prof. Mark Lebwohl (USA), Lydia Giménez-Llort (Spain), Valarie Molyneaux (USA), Natasha Pierre McCarthy, (USA) and Yan Valle, (USA).

What is/are the official color(s) of World Vitiligo Day?

The official colors of WVD are purple and white. However, different organizations use different colors and there has been a lack of synergy as far as the official color of World Vitiligo Day is concerned.

Is there an official image or logo for WVD?

As of now, no! Individual organizations use whatever works best for them.

What is the theme for this year?

For US-based members of the vitiligo community, the national theme is “The Mental and Medical Journey of Living with Vitiligo – The Journey Starts with ME!” while the international theme of this year is “The Quality of Life of a Vitiligo Patient.”

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